March 15, 2006

Minor Confession

Wendy and I watch American Idol.
We enjoy it.

There. I said it.
Now I feel even more cheap and common.
Eh, not really.
But feel free to mock me at will.

This year when a group of our friends proposed an American Idol betting pool, well, we jumped right in. With a $5 buy-in, each player submitted a list of who they think the top five will be and in what order they will finish. Points are assigned to each correct answer, most points wins the pot at the end of the contest. Last count, there were 23 of us in the pool.

Without further ado, I bring you my top five.

5. Lisa Tucker
4. Taylor Hicks
3. Mandisa
2. Chris Daughtry
1. Katharine McPhee

Katharine's cleavage pushed her above Chris on my list.
See how much thoughtful analysis I put into my picks?
I'm nothing if not shallow.



Anonymous said...

I'm crazy about McPhever. :D Lovin' Taylor, too.

I'm addicted, and I am not ashamed!


Gina said...

I watched it last night after being exhuasted from a day out.

After Mandisa, the show got a lot better. And I approved of her singing barefoot!

Although it seemed like they were picking an awful lot of Stevie Wonder's most insipid songs. He has so many truly great ones, did whatshisname really have to pick "Part Time Lover?" Ah well, at least they didn't have "I Just Called to Say I Love You."

weese said...

this is fantastic.
my wife prints out the pics from the website and we (the fam) pick the top twelve order.
i think i have taylor winning - after last nights perfomance i moved Katherine way up the list too.
(I too am shallow by the way)

Val said...

wow.. i THOUGHT i was an "idol" fan til I read what you people are up to... (and I'm not ashamed to say i love this show - but HATE the audition shows!)

Anyway, not sure about Katherine or Taylor winning... better voices out there - Lisa Tucker and Elliot Yamin.

But little "Chicken Little" is history tonight!

Da real thing said...

I agree with Val "chicken little" is gone after tonight.
My family and I do the same with the list and all
I think it will be Chris, Katherine or Mandisa

Melodee said...

My pick is Katherine, too.

Eyes for Lies said...

That clevage bit is funny. I think Chris will take first. He rocks!

Anonymous said...

I still watch "Survivor."
that's as unnatural as anything.

Okay, I'm giving in to American Idol. Gotta watch after your confession.


Anonymous said...

Hey your top three are my top three as well! Um... I guess that means I watch the show too. It's my first year watching. I prefer America's Next Top Model though... you get more into the personalities.

Oh, and I'm having that thorny bush removed from my yard.

Sandra Scoppettone said...

Your picks are mine exactly. I wish I had a betting pool. I force L. to watch it. I know she secretly likes it, too.

I'm so glad someone I consider sane watches this program, Suzanne. Thanks.

And I'm glad Melissa went. I think Ace should go next. He's so in love with himself. Sickening.

Trish said...

I think the final two will be Katherine and Chris, with Chris the ultimate winner. He's been my pick since the audition episodes.