May 7, 2006

When Bloggers Collide

Okay so it wasn't actually a collision.
It was more like a collusion.

Wendy and I met eb last year when she breezed through town. This weekend she was back with her better half, Maxine.

Do you read eb? She erases her blog and starts something new almost as often as she changes her underwear. She says the current rendition isn't a blog at all: it's an Art Journal. We nod and smile and are just happy to have her unique presence on the internets.

But it's even better in person. Real people, real life. A stroll in Old Town on a cool spring evening, dinner, conversation and beer. With lesbians! Lesbians like us---happily coupled, parental, suburban, middle-aged. Lesbians we're fortunate to call friends. Although even if they were heterosexual, they'd still be people I'd enjoy. I'm flexible that way. But I'm glad they're gay.

So how about a guessing game? Which foot belongs to which woman? Or if that's too challenging, which two feet could one find playing footsie between the sheets?

Thanks for a fun evening, Elizabeth and Max.
Good times, good times indeed.



Gina said...

Ok from a NSEW point of view-

North- You
South- eb

Am I right? If I am, can I have some worthless points?

KMae said...

I LOVE eb!!! She is SO funny.

I guess eb is the painted toenails since she was teased for wearing pink... maybe with the leg showing?

And maybe the top sandle might wear say... KNITTED SOX (Max?) when at home?

I guess you may be the other painted nails which leaves Wendy in the Birkenstocks???

The picture is great.
Love the shoes & all feet look very well taken care of.

Deb Heller said...

Hey, enjoyed the pic. Eb said you two were in Collusion. At least it was sexy collusion. What is that?

Anonymous said...

great post!

Suzanne said...

KMae, you need to start from scratch. You've got us all mixed up. :)

Gina, you are close. You got me, and therefore one other, wrong. I'll give you points anyway because I like you.

deb, I have no idea what sexy collusion is, but Wendy and I could have fun figuring it out!


weese said...

ok let me take a stab at this.
north - you (we have established that)
south - wendy
east - max
west - e

let me know when you all are heading up here.
i won't be wearing that pic will be easy.

Suzanne said...

weese, I'll tell you the same thing I told Gina: I AM NOT NORTH.

Try again!


Eyes for Lies said...

I'm not looking at what was written above. Here I go.

You are the South foot. Wendy is the West. Your friends are North and East.

Well? How did I do?

Geeky Dragon Girl said...

I wouldn't know the first thing about what you guys would wear, but my guess is the two girly shoes would be matched with the two Burk-looking sandals. In other words, North and South wouldn't go together, and neither would East and West. That's as close to a guess as I'm going to get.

Anonymous said...

Hmm..let's see. I think the bare legs belong to Eb and Max. Eb has the painted toes is this group.

The legs w/pants belong to you and Wendy. Wendy has the painted toes in this group.

I want points and confetti.

Kevin Charnas said...

I LOVE lesbians! And I know that's not all you are, but it helps. :) Glad that I found your site.

Best Regards,

maxine said...

I guess I can't guess to win the prize.

Important clues from Suzanne's post:

-she was back with her better half, Maxine (no additional comment clarification needed)

-as often as she changes her underwear (presuming she wears underwear)

-middle-aged (e moreso than m)

-Thanks for a fun evening Wendy and suzanne!!

whispers said...

lets give this a try...
north - Max
east - e
south - Wendy
west - Suzanne

fun :)

glad you all had a good time :) its cool when internet friends become face to face friends.

This summer we have some friends we have known online for about 8 years coming to visit us from New Zealand. We first met f2f when we went to their gorgeous country to visit.

chapin said...


Did I get it???

Love the photo btw

Kevin Charnas said...

I just want to clarify, it probably sounded so dorky for me to write: "I LOVE lesbians!" what an ass. I do, but it may have sounded like an odd kind of proclamation like, "I LOVE spaghetti!" I just so happen to have a fondness in my heart for lesbians - they know where I've been and then some. And I never feel as though they want anything from me other than my friendship. It just always seems like a realness exists right from the start and I appreciate that.
p.s. I'm sorry that you're going through a rough time.

Suzanne said...

Well, eyes got it correct first followed by chapin. Well done!

You others are a bunch of losers. I mean that in the kindest possible way, of course.

But now I'm wondering. Does eb ever polish her toenails? A little later in the season and mine will match Max and Wendy's.

And Kevin, I didn't think it was dorky of you to blurt out that you LOVE lesbians! I chuckled. Out loud. Glad you stopped by. Don't be a stranger. :)


Melodee said...

It's a blog.

Art journal. Ha!

maxine said...

Did she say she was right?!?

I recall just yesterday, she was telling me something about having her nose in the dictionary and the dictionary proclaiming it a draw and both being correct.

Damn, that woman is CONtrary

Eyes for Lies said...

What a hoot that I got it right!!

Here was my psychology behind the answer -- if you can call it psychology LOL.

You, Suzanne seem to be a simple person when it comes to fashion. Hence I picked out the simplest of shoes and the MOST COMFORTABLE. You hit me as a person who likes her comfort. Something about Birkenstocks fit with you.

I also knew you wouldn't likely fuss with polish. Then I looked at the feet. You told us there were two couples there. Odds are couples stand next to their partner, and often show body language that points to the other person. Two of the four feet were indicating a preference towards the other -- directional wise. That was a clue they were a couple.

So then that left the last person to be Wendy.

I analyzed the toe nail polish too, noticed they were different colors -- if slightly close. That also pointed to different couple connections...

For whatever that is worth LOL!!

KMae said...

I'm with Trisha - let's do hands next, or BUTTS!! Yeah, yeah BUTTS!!

Shucks, I just got back into town, so I din't have time to guess again. humph!

That was really fun, actually!

WenWhit said...

I just want to share a couple of notes based on the comments:

1. The only reason Suzanne's toenails aren't painted in that pic is because I haven't done hers yet.

2. My shoes are VERY comfy - and just right for walking around Old Town.

Eyes for Lies said...

I hope I didn't offend anyone... Am I out there in lala land? Do tell.

WenWhit said...

I certainly wasn't offended, Eyes. After all, you did manage to logic it out. I was rather fascinated by the different responses and perceptions, though, as far as who would be wearing polish and sandals. And not one person used my previously acknowledged "crooked toes" as a tip-off :)

LutheranChik said...

I'm experiencing major shoe envy right now...especially those strappy numbers on the right-hand side.