July 18, 2006

Sporks In New York

The day before we departed for New York City, a package arrived in our mailbox. A present! The two titanium utensils gifted from a lady on a mission to spread Spork Love to the world. Far be it from me to stand in her way.

Our shiny new sporks traveled with us on our weekend adventure, in effect bringing yet another blogging couple, sporks and scout, along for the ride. How cheesy is that? Wonderfully so.

We tried to show those sporks a good time. We didn't have any firm ideas of what we wanted to do while in the city and the sporks didn't express an opinion at all. What I really wanted was an icebreaker, an introduction to the city. I got one.

We met eb and Max at the hotel, dumping our suitcases in their room because we had arrived well before check-in time. Off we went, first to breakfast at Penelope. I ate eggs scrambled with asparagus and feta cheese, along with toast. Sourdough toast and a mimosa toast. (Don't worry. I'm not going spell out every meal. Those eggs were just some damn fine eggs and worthy of mention. Simple! Easy! Make them at home! Go. Now. Cook some. You know you want to.)

Suitably fortified, we then explored. On foot. Via subway. A taxi or two. Don't ask me where. The geographic specifics were too much to absorb. It's a blur. Chelsea. The Village. Times Square. Soho. I was too intent on the atmosphere. Enthralling. I'll connect the dots on the map the next visit.

eb challenged Wendy to a thumb war over some random comment and I, as I often am called to do in such thumb-centric circumstances, stood in as my gal's proxy for the conflict. My thumb kicked eb's thumb from one side of Manhattan to the other. She didn't stand a chance.

Wussy thumbs aside, she's one hell of a pathfinder. She didn't even need a compass. Led around like an absorbent little sheep with her happy head in the clouds, I didn't have to worry about what train went where, crossing against which light, when to transfer or turn left and right. I was free to observe, listen, smell and enjoy. To newcomers, such guidance was a true upgrade from making a cold call.

We walked miles, visited the MoMA, entertained sporks, gawked and clicked, observed a plethora of diverse people and places, laughed, ate fine food washed down with appropriate liquid refreshment, slept well and did it all anew the next day.

Oh and we gossiped. Yes that's right. About you. All of you. Don't you feel special now? You should.



Anonymous said...

I feel it. I really feel it.

Great post!

sporksforall said...

Well, my fears have been laid to rest. It looks like thhe sporks had a fandamntastic time. Spork love from coast to coast! I will sleep well tonight.

Teresa said...

Scout is a little less pouty now, knowing that she was included by proxy. I've been known to live vicariously through entities far less emotionally available than such a fine pair of sporks as those.

Gunfighter said...

So... THAT is what a spork is.

Clearly I have led a sheltered gunfighter's existence.

maxine said...


Yes, EB, I think

sporksforall said...

By the by, the Spork pictures are fantastic. Um, gotta ask...what was said about "us?" Hmm?

tiff said...

so, you talked about ALL of us? No wonder my ears were burning...

or maybe that was the sun.

Suzanne said...

eb, I rather remember it more like me letting you lose.

Nothing but nice things were said about everyone. How could it be any other way? Y'all are all fantastic people.

SassyFemme said...

Sounds like a fabulous time!

Anonymous said...

I love the documentation of the SPORK adventure. Makes me want to run out and purchase some myself. You crack me up Suzanne!

WenWhit said...

*wonders if Not-so-Pouty Scout recognized that the Spork-as-a-Spoke concept was in her honor*

KMae said...

Excellent comentary & pictures! Thank you Suzanne. You make a great Lesbian Excursion Herstorian! Often the best thing about events are the pictures of everyone having a gas!
Pictures of having gas are always a toot I mean Hoot, too!
yuc yuc. (Sorry, 59 yr old humor...see what you have to look fwd to, Sassy?)

weese said...

I found the sporks to be quite lovely. I was wonderful to meet such friendly and fun utensils.

cbar said...

Oh I am a fan of your sporks!!! Do they want to travel to LA at some point? Or do you think they are strictly on an East coast mission?? lol

Love New York, glad you guys did too! : )

Katie said...

I just want to eat all the french fries. Right now!

Taradharma said...

lucky sporks!

"New York is where I'd rather stay.
I get allergic smelling hay.
I just adore a penthouse view.
Dah-ling I love you but give me Park Avenue."

can those sporks pitch hay?