July 26, 2006

This Post Brought to You by the Letters "W" and "O"

Before our recent NYC adventure, I'd never stayed at a nearly $300 a night hotel before. At least not having to pay for it myself. I'm a rube, remember? Actually, I've just been a middle class suburban parent for so long, indulgent hotel expenditures never made it into my budget. My list of "Things That Are Grand About One's Children Being Grown Up" is becoming extensive.

Familiar by proxy with how expensive NYC can be, I didn't even twitch as I made our reservation for the W New York, The Tuscany.

The name put me off. It irritates me no end how the current POTUS has tarnished the letter W. The Boy's middle name, over which I'd agonized endlessly so many years ago, begins with W. Wendy's name prominently features the letter. The letter W should be fun, respected and honored, used judiciously to demarcate people and places that live up to the beauty of all a W can be. I'm pleased to report the Hotel W passed the test with flying colors.

Contemporary, clean, cool, staffed by perky young people who never failed to smile and were eager to serve. And the bed! Oh the bed! Oh the sheets. Oh oh oh those soft enveloping silky sheets and blankets. I could die in that bed and be perfectly happy.

Actually I did die. But it was one of those little deaths, not the permanent kind.

I received an email from the hotel a few days after we got home.
The subject line read "How was it for you?"

Obviously the walls don't talk.



k. said...

it's been a while since I stayed in new york; your post made me miss it (i've long favored the soho grand. the best dog statue ever welcomes you in the lobby and there are goldfish in your room).

anyway, I've spent some time getting to know your blog these last couple of days, and I've really enjoyed reading it.

Hope there's room for a new regular!

Bent Fabric said...

For that much money it has better pass the test.

afuntanilla said...

i love the W hotels and glad you had a chance to experience one. I find they are always well worth the dough! did you take the sationary?

maxine said...

First on the agenda is finding a suitable comparison to the suede/fur blanket. Our bed is pretty close to the W's already, it having been inspired from our first W experience, but I would be willing to run the a/c lower in moderation just to snuggle up in that blanket.

Gunfighter said...

"The Little Death"... how fortunate for both of you.

Luxury hotels are wonderful, are they not?

nina michelle said...

"little death" how divine.

such a thing once inspired me to write poetry...


Anonymous said...

Sounds fabulous. And that follow up email? Speaks volumes.

I'm staying in a $300+ a night hotel in Seattle in about a months time. Cannot wait. We haven't even been there yet and I've already told my husband, "Yanno, I could get used to this."

I think he's worried. Maybe a "little death" while we're there will put him on the same wavelength? ;-)

tiff said...

The BEST thing about luxury hotels is pretending like you stay there all the time.

Or is that just me?

I adore flouncing around the luxe lobby and ordering a drink in the bar and putting to my room, or opening the drapes and peering down at the little people as they pass by in their tiny little lives.

How very very quiant of them.


Suzanne said...

Welcome k.! Plenty of room here. :)

Max, I adored that blanket. Adored! If you ever find a suitable replica, please let me know where.

Not much beats a good little death.

KMae said...

Damn, $300?! Just $60 more & you too could have a golden cougerhead bangle braclet.
I'm lucky our rooms are paid for by the airline, phew!
I DO love hotels, much prefer to wash my long hair there instead of home.
The best part is the rooms are always cleaned!
I too like to pretend I live there, which I do in a way... My home away from home.
Strange life, huh?

Anonymous said...


Teresa said...

Ack! Again with your winking references to the canoodling! Haven't you heard that long-term lesbian couples are all about cuddling?

I'm a fan of the Westin's Heavenly Bed(tm) myself. I, too, am a big ol' rube, but a little luxury is always welcome.

Career Guy said...

Little death...little death...hey, wait a minute... :0

sporksforall said...

The beauty of knowing about the W bed (and I agree that the letter did nothing wrong and should be rescued. I mena there are only 26 of them and as bad as our prezdent is, he should ruin a whole letter)...anyway, because W and Westin are in the same corporate entity, one can just get one's Starwood Preferred points while trying the various beds out. And if you're going to try them, may as well work them.

clammy said...

I enjoy reading your blog.. Your W is safe because his name really starts with a D for Dubya :)