October 5, 2006

Do Your Friends Treat You Like a Guest?

And if they do, is it a bad thing?



Unknown said...

Hell no!!! My friends treat me like one of the family...sometimes a good thing, sometimes a not so good thing. Actually I prefer not to be treated like a guest and I prefer people that come to my house not to feel like a guest per se.....I prefer them to feel comfortable and just make themselves at home ie) I will offer them something to drink when they first come in...but also say please help yourself!!

Mi casa es su casa!!!

sari said...

the stuffiness that comes with the 'guest' attitude can be hard for me after the first or second visit. i much prefer to be treated like family, which is how i treat people when they come to my home.

SassyFemme said...

I much prefer to treat friends as family, and be treated the same way in their home. I think maybe if it's in the early stages of friendship that's different, but if I've been to someone house once or twice, and vice versa, then throw the stuffiness out.

Gina said...

I prefer being somewhere in the middle.

I can get myself a glass of tea, but I'm not expected to scrub the toilet.

A happy balance.

Sapphique said...

I gotta say, I'm with Tina. A balance of the "in crowd" alongside not having to scrub the loo seems about right to me. On the other hand, when I've visited my best friend and she's been totally overwhelmed by clutter, I have been known to clean bathrooms. I guess it depends on level of friendship. Best friends? All bets are off. Lower tier friendships? No toilets please (but I would consider raking leaves)!

weese said...

i love what Gina said.

KMae said...

I don't like folks to come over. And I don't like to go to friend's homes too much either.
I must be wierd.
I just want to be alone with my woman on my days off.

outsidemymind said...

Guess I am strange, I treat everyone basically the same. I will serve you your first drink in my home but after that I expect you to serve yourself.
As for toilet duty, well,since I am a bloody clean freak, I will take care of those myself!