October 6, 2006

It Gets Around

My blogroll is acting up.
I don't get the little visual indicators when someone has updated.
It displeases me.

We're having our trees trimmed this week.
I think they will be happier all neatened up.
It excites me.

I opened a door without really thinking.
It will expose something near and dear to my heart.
It scares me in a good way.

Things are settling down nicely at work.
I get to use my brain again and have found it still functions.
It gives me hope.

I woke up early and listened to the rain.
The weather is dark, cold and wet.
It relaxes me.

My mother has breast cancer.
She's being evasive and I still don't know if she's shared everything.
It makes me wanna puke.



weese said...

I too am excited about your trees.
and am very sorry to hear about your mom.

Trop said...

Sorry to hear about your mom. Breast cancer runs in my family too.

Gina said...

Oh no! Please, please find out as much as you can about what she has/hasn't done so far. I know you have been helping her a lot lately, but she is really going to need your assistance in navigating this.

((Suzanne and Suzanne's Mom))

Northern_Girl said...

Ohhh no. I'm so sorry. Please, let the blog-i-nation know what we can do to help.

Anonymous said...

Standing with you, woman. And wishing/hoping/praying for the very best.

Val said...

Thinking of you, Wendy & your Mom. You're all lucky to have each other. Praying for a good outcome.

Middle Girl said...

Trimmed trees-good
Unexpected visitations-exhilarating
Calmed work place-hooray
Quiet storm-enlightening

My every thought, at this very moment, and beyond are with your mom, you, Wendy and your entire family.
Peace be with you all.

Slangred said...

I hope for the best for your mom and you and your family.
If it helps, this stranger will be thinking about you and sending her best "vibes" for strength, peace and triumph.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about your mom dear! :(

KMae said...

OMG, so sorry, how old is your mother? Y'all are now in my prayers.

Career Guy said...

Aww Suzanne--I am so sorry to hear that. You are all in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Really sorry to hear about your mom, Suzanne.

yankeegirl said...


k. said...

i was sorry to read that last bit of news. hope you and your mom are both okay.

SassyFemme said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your mom. Is she perhaps being evasive trying to protect you, and keep you from worrying, even though you still will?

chapin said...

(((Suzanne))) Sorry to hear about things with your Mom. I'm sending good thoughts your way.

outsidemymind said...

Sorry to hear about your Mom.
As a mother who has cancer, I would suggest you try your best to cut her some slack, even though you are not my children's age, as moms (and I am sure you know this first hand with your son) all we want to do is protect the ones we love. Sometimes we are not exactly brilliant in the way we do it but that is all we want to do. Speaking for myself, I know I do not to be vulnerable in front of my children as I am suppose to be the mom.
When my own mother developed breast cancer was also very evasive and did not want to hear a word of advise from any of her children. (at that point two of her children already had breast cancer). She was the mom, she was the wiser one. She is still quite alive, as she would gladly tell anyone (and believe me their are 5 children who would agree with her on this..) you can not kill a bad thing!! So my mom will out live me- ha ha.(by the way, humore will always be your best friend during this life challenge!!)
Really, try not to be hard on yourself or her. When you hear that five letter word you always think the worse till you become educated and develop a plan of attack.
Try not to got too angry with her or yourself!
Hang tight!!

elswhere said...

Oh, Suzanne. I just read this. I haven't been commenting lately but I've been reading and I am sorry to hear about your mom. She--and you-- have both been through so much these last several months. I hope everything is okay.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about your mom. Be patient with her-- and yourself-- she may be trying to figure stuff out before she worries you with it.

If you need to puke and Wendy isn't around, I'll gladly hold your hair. Hang in there, girl.

Eyes for Lies said...

Oh, S. That's horrible news about your mom. I am so sorry.

Is there anything I can do for you?

If you need a shoulder or a friend, I am here for you, okay?

sari said...

my partner's mother was also recently diagnosed, and didn't tell any of us for more than a month. hang in there, she will need your positivity.

sari said...

p.s. i'm curious to know what was behind the door. i'm sure you'll tell us in good time - if it is bloggable.