February 19, 2007

I Blame Public Transportation

I have a vicious cold.
It blew into my life the same day all the sleet did.

The frozen sheet of sleet can stay around as long as it likes.
But this sickness needs to go.

As I pulled the last tissue from my box of Puff's Plus, a tear ran down my cheek. I was certain it was the last Puff in the house. I'd have to use something other than a wonderfully soft, delicately lotioned tissue to wipe my stuffy yet dripping nose. Imagine my delight---yes, sheer rapture---at the chance discovery of an almost full box of tissues behind the stack of books next to our bed. Score!

My usual cold remedies have done nothing to quash my symptoms. So I lay like a lump, drink plenty of fluids and moan.

Have I mentioned my sister arrives tomorrow?
This sickness needs to go now!



Middle Girl said...

Oh boo.. and hoo. So sorry to hear of your sniffles.

Do hope you are feeling better. Soon!

weese said...

puffs are essential.

missfee said...

i would also blame public transport but then I blame public transport for most things, my huge hair included.
Feel better soon :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. I hope your visit with your sister is lovely, in sickness OR in health!

WenWhit said...

I'm proud of you for going to the damned doctor, babe. :)

SassyFemme said...

Oh no, you can't be sick! Hope you feel better soon, really soon, before the weekend!!!

Unknown said...

Awww, I hope you start feeling better really soon here!! Colds are terrible aren't they? Who can't relate to the last Puffs in the house? It's a terrible, terrible day when that happens! Sending you positive thoughts on getting better!

Eyes for Lies said...

I hope you are better now -- and that you had (or are having) a wonderful visit with your sis! You are lucky to have a sister :)