February 27, 2007

Phase I: North by Northeast

Among other things, this I have learned: there are many rocks in Connecticut.

Wendy and I were fortunate enough to attend what we hope will be but the first BlogFriends gathering. Face to face with people like us. Some we had previously met. Some were strangers. Most are bloggers. We are parents. We are not. We are women. We are lesbians. We are young. We are old. We are tall. We are short. We are loud. We are quiet. We are bold. We are shy. We are white collar. We are blue collar. We are blonde, gray, brunette and red-headed. We are all colors of the rainbow. And we are everywhere.

That fine Saturday, however, we were in Connecticut, land of the plentiful rock.

SassyFemme and her delightful wife Eagle Eye Fran put forth the invitation: Come to our house, BlogFriends! Eat our food! Make art in our snow-covered yard! Use our toilet paper! Scare our dog into hiding! Revel with us as you enjoy our hospitality!

Oh, those two are brave. Quite.

Here's a random picture of my fierce dog shadow puppet about to maul eb's weenie little snake shadow puppet. She didn't stand a chance.

Months prior, with the emotional commonality of sons in college, Wendy and I were the recipients of what has been deemed a Drunk Dial. No, no. It wasn't Sassy. It was Weese and her Absolutely Amazing Wife. It's no secret they live in Connecticut also. During that phone call, they, too, had extended an invitation for us to visit.

It hadn't just been the wine talking. A plan was hatched, approvals gained. Wendy and I would hie to Connecticut, be guests at Weese and her AAW's suburban estate. Together with them we would attend Sassy and Fran's party. The plan twisted as the timing of my sister's visit overlapped. Perhaps she could come with us!

Because isn't that what everyone does? Plan a visit to a friend's house then invite your family along?

Graciousness abounds. My sister, Sherab Khandro, was welcomed on the adventure.

And what an adventure it was!
I sit here still in awe of the entire experience.
Details will come out along the way as details have a tendency to do.

Right now I am savoring the glow.
I want to bottle this feeling.



SassyFemme said...

Savoring the glow... what a perfect expression!

weese said...


Bent Fabric said...

Extraordinary. You and Wendy are a treat. Shay, too. She makes me laugh out loud.

I don't think I ever got around to thanking you for the gift. Thank you! They were fabulous.

Oh, before I forget...vagina!

nina michelle said...

Sounds wonderful to meet and hang with blogger lesbian friends! I will keep checking back for more stories... I can tell just by your tone how much you enjoyed yourself!


Middle Girl said...

"And we are everywhere." What a warm, comforting thought.

Sorry to have missed, what from all accounts was a stupendous, raucous time.

Happy for you all though, to have met friends, new and old. :)

KMae said...

Love the picture!

nina michelle said...

those are some damn big feet eb...

*evil grin*

Gunfighter said...

I'm so glad that you had a good time, S!

Anonymous said...

Connecicut is beautiful. I grew up there and then lived in NYC and Indiana before moving out West. Each holds a place in my heart but Connecticut..when I think about it...was just beautiful all around. Full of US History and very peaceful. Glad you had the chance to enjoy the fine state with great new friends! Wish I still lived nearby so I could've gone as well! If you're ever all in the Seattle area...ha ha!

Gina said...

Glad you all had such a good time!