March 11, 2007

Squeaky Clean

We use liquid soap at the sinks and bar soap in the shower.

The bar of soap resides atop a green sponge in the lower-upper shower niche. The sponge absorbs all bar soap residue, preventing the puddles and slime so commonly found beneath a bar of soap. A rinse and a squeeze every so often keeps it clean and fresh. A sponge is the perfect complement to bar soap in a shower niche.

Bar soap dwindles, melts away as it is used until nothing is left but a sliver of its former self. The sliver becomes so small as to be virtually useless when presented with the task of cleansing an adult woman's entire body.

I find it challenging to remember a new bar of soap is needed BEFORE I actually GET IN the shower which then necessitates GETTING OUT of the shower and opening the bathroom door to access the closet on the landing to grab a fresh bar of soap.

It feels like a long distance. It's really only six feet. I don't actually have to step out of the bathroom to reach the closet. But still. The door is open. I'm wet. I'm dripping. I'm chilled. I'm wishing I'd remembered the soap sooner.

Today I found a fresh bar of soap already waiting in the shower for me, with a bit of the sliver I had used the day before blended on top. Waste not, want not. The new bar had been used only once before, to soap the delicate curves of my lovely lady.

That's one lucky bar of soap.
Almost as lucky as me.



Lipglossles said...

The whole sponge thing was new to me until I met my honey. I found it odd, but it makes sense. I do hate forgetting to get soap before I jump in the shower. But what I hate even more is the person already in the warm shower, who waits until I am undressed...and then informs me that we need a new bar of soap...One of these days I am going to jump in that shower first....

SassyFemme said...

I feel like you're channeling Weese with the whole sponge under the soap thing!!

weese said...

ah... the blended sliver.
my conservative wife blends our slivers.
me... i toss them.
go figure.

cbar said...

I love bar soap, but hated the residue so that's why I stopped using them. Sponge underneath is a great idea!!! I learn something new every time I come to your blog!! I guess that's why I keep coming back : )

Middle Girl said...

We have a mixed use household, some like bars, others liquid for sink & shower cleansing duties. Sponge under bar -good tip- I shall remember to pass on to the bar user.

Val said...

Great idea about the sponge... and I'm the one in my relationship that is charge of putting the new bar in and yes, it's before I step in or she steps into the shower!
It's called anal!
I toss the slivers.

Anonymous said...

Because I don't care, it is liquid soap for us. But bar soap is good too.

Throwing out the sliver is so not a weese thing. Weese, you're so complex.

chapin said...

Ah yes...liquid or bar. Like many others we use both around this house. When the soap get down to a sliver we put it in the mesh soap saver along with the other slivers and use them until they are gone.

nina michelle said...

I am in a sappy sort of romantic mood tonight. I found this part of your post very sweet,

"The new bar had been used only once before, to soap the delicate curves of my lovely lady.

That's one lucky bar of soap.
Almost as lucky as me."

that just made me warm and smile. As for soap... I use Ivory bar soap for the bath. I love turning the bar over and over in my hands watching the suds grow.

sporksforall said...

I much prefer liquid soap/shower gel. It doesn't have the her body/my body deal, but Scout sure does smell good.

Unknown said...

AWWW how sweet!!! What a great post :) Makes me happy that you're so thought of. Now, if my sweetheart did that for me, we'd be in heaven! Wait...need to find a sweetheart don't I? Damn. LOL.

I use an oatmeal almond shower gel with a buff puff. When I forget to replace the darn buff puff it's hell. I totally feel your pain on stepping out of the shower all wet and soapy. I usually have conditioner in my hair or something and am dripping wet. So then when I step outside of the shower afterwards and dry off, put my socks on, etc...I step right into the puddle from when I last stepped out. NICE! I curse at myself everytime!!