March 22, 2007

We Won!

Perhaps I should be pleased.
Part of me is pleased.
I like winning, but the honor here is dubious at best.

Our laundry room won the Smackdown! Thank you to all who voted, although I am amazed how many did not vote for our Schmeggle. What were you thinking?!

Our space already looks quite different from when we took those photos last week. The renovation has begun. "When's it gonna be finished?" you may wonder. If neither Wendy nor I had a job, if we weren't losing time to social obligations and travel, if there weren't waiting periods for this to dry or that to cure, if we didn't like to sleep, if all that were true our room would already be finished. Since life gets in the way, best case deadline is March 30, worst case April 8.

As we gleefully waited to see the outcome of our less than scientific poll, eb and I latched upon the idea of fixing up the two rooms simultaneously. Like Trading Spaces but without the trading or the designer and carpenter or the plump reality TV show budget.

It's about comaraderie and common purpose. Will it be motivating to know a friend is slaving in a similar fashion in their own home some 1,400 miles distant?

We'll see.



Anonymous said...

I am motivated...but not until Monday. Then, the fun begins. Can't wait to see your re-do.

Have fun, chicas!

Syd said...

Ummm, congratulations?

At least you are tackling a project. I can't seem to get past the bitching-about-it stage.

Anonymous said... should be pleased, biotch, you're getting a six pack of kick ass Texas beer

weese said...

i am so excited.

i am going to go right home and talk to my handy wife about renovating ...something.

Unknown said...

Renovating is so much fun LOL. In theory anyway! Take lots of pictures along the way and post as you go if you can! Looking forward to following you on this journey. Let's see, what can I remodel? HMMM..

Eyes for Lies said...

We're still slaving too -- years down the road -- that damn laundry room!

Congrats :)

Anonymous said...

Well done !

Gina said...

I'm pretty sure I voted for yours. I think you guys should get some sort of free laundry detergent or something.

Anonymous said...
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SassyFemme said...

After that spam comment I can't even remember what the hell I was going to say! WTF?!?!

sporksforall said...

I voted for yours, but I think I should admit bias. Since I've seen yours and not the other one in person, the reality was too, weel, real.

Just Peachy said...

I was busy swimming with stingrays in the Bahamas when the voting started... :)
You totally get my vote. Some pretty nice smelling laundry comes out of that skank hole, however.

<3 Chels

Anonymous said...


nina michelle said...

Congrats! I am not sure I even knew I was suppose to vote. I have been out of it a bit.

I wished I had the energy to redo a room! These days just walking across one is an accomplishment though.... perhaps next time?

take care,