May 7, 2007

Got Her Done

The Laundry Room Smackdown was a rousing success.
Schmeggle (us) and Gafunge (them) no more.
Yes. Rousing! Quite.

Go. Here. Now. Go here now. See the finished results!

We started in late March and finished in early May, say six weeks. I originally projected three. My optimism often gets run over by reality.

eb and I checked in with each other every few days: "How's it going?" "It's coming along." "We had this idea." "We're not done yet." "What would you do?" "Oooo, guess what we did?" "We need an extension." "So do we."

Ayup, we're the same brand of lazy. We share common interests and, evidently, work ethic. Yet what we did to our Laundry Rooms is quite disparate. Is anyone surprised?

One of the best parts of this project? We had the tools and knew how to use them. Costs were reasonable, kept low by reusing leftover supplies from prior work. The learning curve didn't kick our ass. Well. At least not as hard as she used to.

We survived tolerated enjoyed five consecutive Sunday sojourns to the laundromat while our suburban Laundry Room was out of service. (Yes, we still call it the Laundry Room. Wendy vetoed a name change. Interestingly (perhaps only to me), the furnace no longer seems to mind. Go figure.)

Have I mentioned we're done?



DB said...

Wow! Fabulous job on both rooms!

I do have one question though? What's with the dyslexis 'S' on Gafunge's wall? That's really bothering me.

SassyFemme said...

They both look amazing! Wow! I'm just seriously awed by your remodel abilities.

weese said...

LOVE them.
just LOVE them.
The cover up on that air duct is smashing... very clever.

Sharon... i think the backwards S is rather fitting with the upside down door. Pulls it all together.

Nice cover job on that door E - woman, you are good.

Trop said...

You two are good. Well done.

Middle Girl said...

wunnerful...jus wunnerful.

Congrats on a job well done! :)

Unknown said...

They definitely both look amazing! Well done! that a huge condom in the Schmeggle side of the pix or what? A huge colorful condom...

Suzanne said...

Now now Sarah, a lesbian household doesn't have much use for condoms of any size... :)

Unknown said...

LMAO! I know, but still...doesn't it look like a huge condom? ;)

Being a lesbian myself, I completely understand the need to not have one "hanging around". Although, being a newly single lesbian...any words of widom on being safe with women? I know dental dams, etc..but never had to use one before. Any advice?

Ut oh..I opened up a whole can of worms didn't I? LOL.

Gunfighter said...

Very nice, S!

Happy Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE them all. The door is amazing. Well done!

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