September 25, 2007

Function Follows Form

I didn't notice right away. When I did I was shocked. My paper clips were loose! The problem was obvious. My lower lip reflexively assumed the position. My forehead wrinkled in consternation.

Wendy mislikes when I pout, so I've tried to break the habit, at least to omit outward manifestations such as sticking out my lower lip. It's not easy. Growing up, I was known far and wide as the Princess of Pout. "An elephant could ride to town on that lip!" I got pretty damned sick of hearing that as a child. (I was too shy polite back then to tell anyone who said it to bugger off, but now I'm not. You've been warned.)

Children's art projects are often gifted to their parents. Our little darlings are presented with a lump of clay or fingerfuls of paint and told, "Go crazy! Create something! Make something for your mother!"

The Boy brought this particular something home from kindergarten. I adore it. To this day.

There I was and here I am, in possession of the Great Art my son crafted with his own two hands. Hanging it on the refrigerator is obviously out of the question. Since I work in an office, I opted to find a function for it there. While away from my little darling, I have a reminder of how creative he is and how much he loves me because, really, he must love me in a HUGE way to have gifted me with this Great Art made with his VERY OWN HANDS.

(Yes. I really believe that. I am not the only mother who thinks this way, am I? We all know better and just don't care. At least I don't.)

Perhaps you realize where this is going. That's right. This Great Art serves as my paper clip holder and had been broken by some unknown person in some unknown manner between the time I left the office Thursday and returned on Monday.

The Boy's work of Great Art! Broken! I felt justified pouting for a moment. Fortunately the damage was easily repaired with a touch of glue. Soon it will be back in action corralling my clips and keeping them within easy reach.

Practical, durable art. My favorite kind.



Anonymous said...

First glance i thought it was a badly cut Salmon filet but upon closer look, yes quite obviously a paper clip holder.
I have kept all the art as with felt = paper weight etc

Gina said...

I pout as well, although not with as much lower lip as you, apparently.

I'm glad it was able to be fixed.

weese said...

its lovely really.
um, what is it... or what was its original intention.
yes, i know... i am so literal.
(i also thought it was some sort of salmon or meat product)

sporksforall said...

I have to agree with KL and weese. It looked like flesh of some sort. Glad it got fixed, though.

Anonymous said...

This was nothing short of art vandalism and the perp must be brought to justice. How many people/suspects work in your office, and how soon can you get me a list of their names and contacts?

Middle Girl said...

I'm with Teresa. Sure, it's repaired but what of the moments of anguish!

Suzanne said...

Okay y'all. I didn't want to call them out, but it had to be the *gasp* cleaning crew. They dusted my desk for the first time in ages, rather vigorously it seems.

Meat product? Hrumph. Great art is seldom understood. :)

Unknown said...

OMG that is so cute! What a wonderful piece of art from your boy. I think the pouting was necessary in such a situation as this.

SassyFemme said...

I love that you still have it from his Kinder days. I'm not sure what happened to Jen's stuff from that far back, would love to have seen it. We do have a few of her things from middle school though.

BTW, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought it was some kind of animal product.

agoodlistener said...

About the only kinder-art we have left are a couple dozen Christmas renderings on construction paper. One nativity scene looks like there are insects hovering over the site. We call it "Our Lady of the Mosquitoes."

Eyes for Lies said...

No offense, but upon looking at the photo before reading your post -- I was wondering if that was some smoked ribs!!! His artwork looks mighty tasty, or I am hungry...

Sorry to hear his precious creation was damaged -- but glad to hear it could be repaired!

Robin said...

Whew! I do love kid art too, so much!

Anonymous said...

A cow-tongue paperclip holder. He's a little genius! It could have been MoMA's next big thing.