September 21, 2007

Moving Right Along

I spoke to The Boy Wednesday. He was in North Carolina, near where he used to belong but now just passing through.

Is it the change of seasons? Is it the new routine being anything but routine? Is it PMS? Am I losing my mind? I have a little ache in my heart. I have a lingering rash on my face. I am unmotivated. I am feeling anxious. Those things may or may not relate to each other or anything else.

He sent us a book, the schedule for the tour he is on. I am so simple. I consult it daily, saying, "Good morning! Stay safe! I love you!"

The Boy has traveled quite a bit in his 22 years, but not often to what I will call Small Town America. I am curious as to the impressions he is absorbing.

I decided it would be fun, and indeed it has been, to plot his stops on a map. This is the southeastern leg, the first third of his adventure. He's been on the road since September 11, covering 2,600 miles equating to over 43 travel hours and as many towns in as many days.

Calculations and visual aids bring me comfort for some odd reason, much the same as sending good morning wishes his way.

Getting by. At times it's the object of the game.



tiff said...

Henderson's not far from me. What show, when? If I'm in town I'd love to go see it (and him).

Unless he's naked, Then I won't, out of respect for you.

yankeegirl said...

Let me know when he hits the midwest (as long as he's not naked), lol.

sporksforall said...

Those are some small towns. If he hasn't been to Tupelo, tell him to go to Elvis' birth home. Walk in, pay a dollar, walk out. It's teeny. But it does explain Graceland.

For some reason his travels remind me of that Lyle Lovett song: "I've been to Memphis and Mussel Shoals..." But he doesn's sing that kind of song, does he?

Middle Girl said...

Getting by. At times it's the object of the game.

How so very true.

Wishing The Boy safe travels, fun times and for you a speedy return. Not to mention great and plentiful tales.

Anonymous said...

Look at that lovely green box with the text inside. You are a Photoshop queen!

On the road...making memories...the boy leads a charmed life. ~eb

WenWhit said...

eb's right (ssh, don't tell her I had to admit that, again) - he IS the Golden Boy. Don't you forget that. :)

agoodlistener said...

Our youngest travels a lot too. Sometimes we'd rather not know too much about it. We'll just live in our own little world--LALALALALALA--we can't see you speeding down the highway with a bunch of crazy people all around you.

Anonymous said...

Like The Muppets??

Movin' right along, foot-loose and fancy free.
Gettin' there is half the fun; come share it with me.
Movin' right along (doog-a-doon, doog-a-doon)
We'll learn to share the load.
We don't need a map to keep this show on the road.

Unknown said...

As the trusted saying goes...One day at a time. I believe in that concept. You will get through. He is probably having the time of his life right now seeing all those wonderful places.

Rhonda Roaming said...

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