September 8, 2009

My Afternoon Snack

My grandfather on my mother's side introduced me on to eating fresh figs this way. They had several trees in their yard and I used to help him pick the fruit. Breakfast during those visits often included this very dish in this very dish. Yup, we still use my grandparent's everyday dishes.

In a rare stroke of good fortune, we learned after buying this house that our neighbor has a large fig tree. We neighbors step up each year to help her devour the bountiful crop. Such a sacrifice. Today she even hooked me up with some half-n-half. Hence my trip down memory lane. Good times. Great neighbor.



sporksforall said...

Look at you, posting to your blog. :)

The figs looks yummy and welcome back!

weese said...

ok all this posting is freaking me out.
we had figs the other night... grilled and wrapped in procuitto -stuffed with cheese.
very tasty.

matt said...

hmmm figs personally iwould have chosen something chocolatey lol!

Anonymous said...

Figs without Newtons? Who knew such things existed?!!

Anonymous said...

Fascinating! Have you seen the fig scene in "Women in Love"?

I don't remember sugar on them though...