March 29, 2013

Marriage. Marriage? Marriage!

It's totally in my face this week, in all of our faces. That's not a bad thing. But I feel exposed when issues so personal to me are front and center headline news. My anxiety escalates. Yet I'm more resolved these days, much more matter of fact. Shit's happening, man. Shit that affects me and mine. I am actively engaged.

I've come across people like her on the internet where they are easy to ignore. But this one is close to home. Here is her stance, loosely quoted, "Of course I believe EVERYONE is equal and GAYS deserve EQUAL rights, just not 'MARRIAGE'. They must be kept separate and apart, far far far away from that word. That's our word. Oh and an entire new legal structure needs to be created to accommodate their unions (as yet unnamed but to be called anything but 'marriage'). And the new laws should also extend to heterosexual couples who choose to live together without the marital blessing of our lord jesus christ hallowed be thy name amen. Then we'll have real EQUALITY!"

Speechless. I have a relative who actually considers that a reasonable solution and feels that view makes her a champion of equality, a friend of the GAYS. Has religion robbed her of critical thought? I shared my own opinion and tried to move on. It would be a lie to say I'm not still stunned.

This ain't no party, this ain't no disco, this ain't no fooling around.  Shit's happening, man. Some of it is good.

Wendy and I joined the crowd in front of the Supreme Court building on Tuesday morning. Supporters easily outnumbered the others. It felt joyful to be surrounded by people of like mind, people who understand, people who believe in the same free America that we do. I don't know what will happen, but hope is alive.

I remain obsessed with knowing where people in my life stand on the issue. Like the relative mentioned above, some folks eventually let it all hang out. I appreciate that. It's the ones who don't say anything, who express neither support nor disapproval that bug me. It's freaking stressful to be a homosexual in America right now. There is a lot on the line. We could use your support. Fair notice to those reticent to engage: based on your silence, I assume you disapprove and will approach our relationship accordingly.

Although if you wait long enough, I'm bound to ask. But why not just speak up? Hopefully for us. 

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Middle Girl said...

The only good thing (if there IS such a thing) about being in the throes of grieving is that my head is too waddle bummed to be front and center with current events. While I can appreciate the import of this time in OUR lives, I just can't participate for lack of a word that may be more suitable.

That said, YaY ya'll!!