March 2, 2013

What what?

I'm home alone on a Saturday. Not really alone; Pixie and Lucy are here. This is my new reality for the foreseeable future.

Last post here was in 2009. Much has changed in the ensuing years. The boots in that last post have been re-soled twice.

I turned 50 a few months ago. I now wear glasses full time. I haven't had a period in well over a year. I work the same jobs. Wendy is in the midst of a significant career change. The Boy is a full-on Man. Dudley died, Lucy joined us. We don't smoke cigarettes. I drink less beer but more liquor. Our five year plan has become a ten year plan. I still love to cook and watch football. Tuesday night Pilates class is a joyful habit. I've lost some very dear friends and gained others.

The issue of marriage equality has wended its way to the Supreme Court. Not surprisingly, that issue means a lot to my family. I no longer have patience for people who stand against it. Evolve, or get the fuck out of the way.

I'm still full of words waiting to get out. I may let them.



Jennifer said...

Let 'em come. I'm listening.

P.S. Yay!

sporksforall said...

Look at you. Back. Keep going!

Middle Girl said...

Now, ain't that good news. Like Jennifer and sporks said (in so many words) bring 'em and keep 'em coming.

Cool beans.

Trop said...

So glad to see your post in my feed. Welcome back and keep the words coming.

I'm jealous. I am 52 and as regular as I was in my 30s.

Sherab Khandro aka "Shey" said...

The Power and Passion :) ... let her rip sis!