July 3, 2013

Mysterious Melon Matter

Where:  Grocery store, produce section
When:  Sunday morning, half past bright and early
Who:  Me, shopping
          Two store employees, one stocking mangoes, the other passing by
What:  Eavesdropping and cantaloupes

Passing By Guy (animated):  "Man, I heard what happened with the cantaloupes yesterday!"

Mango Stocker (nodding eagerly with raised eyebrows):  "That sure was something!"

Me (eavesdropping, looking around for cantaloupes, seeing none, wondering WTF happened with the cantaloupes yesterday).

I'm still wondering.


Middle Girl said...

LOL Now, I'm wondering.

Ann said...

I can't believe I ran across a reference to your blog, looked you up, and here you still are. Looking forward to reading and catching up. Sincerely hope that all is well with you both.

Ann (who used to be known once upon a time as Sassy)

Anonymous said...

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StephLove said...

Maybe a big pyramid of them collapsed and they broke open all over the floor? But you'd think some of them would survive that and still be for sale. Not anything with bugs, I hope...

Gina said...

Hi Suzanne! Hope you guys are doing well!