June 7, 2005

Another Day

By the time Detail died, I was ready to tell the world. His illness was lengthy and I comforted myself by writing his obituary over several months. I'd revisit it every so often, adding and editing, until I had crafted something I felt worthy of such a beautiful dog. Working on it truly brought me solace.

One may think, because we had two other aging pets in the household, I would have also been working on their stories. But while I have mulled them over in my head many many times, I have not yet committed even a single thought to paper. Perhaps it was my way of trying to postpone the inevitable. After all, if I have not yet written their stories, there is no way my pets can die.

Foolish me.

For those of you who expressed concern, it was not Cosine who died yesterday. It was Figero, the Alpha Cat. Why I just didn't come right out and say that in yesterday's post is up for examination. I guess The Boy isn't the only one with a dramatic flair, although I wasn't thinking "drama!" when I posted it.

I was just thinking I felt worse because I have not yet written Fig's story.

Right now I'm thinking about how the hell I'm going to take a shower. When Wendy and I remodeled the bathroom there was one finishing detail we procrastinated over: frosting the window. The window in the shower overlooks the backyard and anyone in the backyard can look up and observe the showering person showering. This can be entertaining in the right circumstance.

But this morning, bright and early and before my usual shower time, the fence folks showed up to finish installing the fence. In the backyard.

Can I shower effectively with my pajamas on or will Juan, Jose and Hector run screaming out of our yard, blinded because they looked up at the wrong moment?

Complete details on the News at Nine.



Eyes said...

ahhhh...I'm heartbroken. Poor Figeuro.

I hope it was a peaceful passing. That's all anyone can ask for.

My heart is with you. I know the pain, the loss, the emptiness.

Hug Cosine for me, Wendy and here is a hug for you.

I'm sure if Figuero could talk, you'd get a bunch of thank yous...

If I was a pet, I know I'd be happy to live with you!

Katie (WannaBeMom) said...

Blach. I just went to hug Eli, who I am sure whispered that he was sorry about Fig too.

Mel said...

I'm sorry to hear about your loss. And your shower dilemma, too. (Only, actually, I laughed about the shower thing.)

Dara said...

So sorry to hear about Figero. I went back and read about Detail, what a nice tribute.

Elizabeth said...

First the father in law
then the cat
let's see...who can round it out to three?

I'd say it's about time Pat Robertson croaked. (I'll guess Mrs. Peacock, in the billiard room with the candlestick.)

I'm glad your kitty lived a nice, long, well-fed, 'I'm a cat and I'm better than you lowly humans' life.

Cris said...

It is as difficult to lose our furkids as it is to see our two-footed ones take off on their own. Figero will cross the Rainbow Bridge to be with all of our other much loved 4-footed children. We will learn to change the habits and move on, with a special memory spot held by the loved one.
Majik and Cleo wagged their labrador tails and wiggled hugs to you all.

Gina said...

I'm sorry for your loss, Suzanne.

Kristina said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Hang in there, Suzanne.

weese said...

Sorry to hear about Figero.

How was your shower? Did you give them a show?
are you doing backyard projects? you know you are required to supply pics.

Jennifer said...

Sending virtual hugs. Lots of them. Hang in there, kiddo.


Keith, RN said...

My ageing furry ones (of the canine pursuasion) are here by my side and we send our condolences. I can't imagine losing them and know that "there but for the grace of god(dess) go I".

Many blessings. Love your blog.

Amelia said...

Sorry to hear about Figero.


Jack the blogger said...

Sorry for your loss. I used to have three cats but lost them in a messy breakup with a girlfriend. You do have the memories and I hope you chersih them as I know you will. BTW I'll be in your backyard what time is the show?

Late Edition said...

sorry to hear about Figero, Suzanne ... Siggy the Boycat swishes his sympathy also