June 9, 2005

Ripped From the Headlines!

It's rather ooogie to think about in any way other than merely on the surface, but I'll offer a hardy thanks to my parents for having passed along the "good" genes.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, it's raining men?

In other news, certainly not headline news, our fence is complete. I solved my shower dilemma by letting the hot water run until the window was completely fogged. Only then did I shed my pajamas and step into the shower. I am one smart cookie.

It is a beautiful thing. Wendy and I can now walk out onto our newly refurbished screened porch wearing nothing but what the good lord gave us without fear of scarring the neighbors for life. We'll have to think of some other way to make our mark on them.



Gina said...

Although it sounds horrible to say, I can only hope that the poor man was already dead when the landing gear cut him in quarters.

Before you two go having pajama-less parties, are you positive that you can't be seen? Even with a light source in there?

Just looking out for you, my friend. :)

weese said...

ooo now i really want a screened porch.

Elizabeth said...

Dead guy falling from a plane sans leg...that's number three.

The call to police:
"There's a leg in my back yard!"
"A LEG!"
'A leg.'
"A LEG. You know, like, L-E-G. El leggo. Leggo my Eggo LEG."
'Is it wearing pants ma'am?'
"WHAT? Is it wearing pants?! Yes..uh..no...uh..let me go look, hold on, k?...Yes, it's wearing pants and a shoe."
'What brand of shoe ma'am? Air Jordan?'
"WHAT?!! I don't care!! Just come pick up the leg in my yard before the dog gets it."

Honey, you've already scarred your neighbors, you homo!

Eyes said...

What news your bring with you today.


Facinating, and haunting at the same time. That poor man, and the woman who found him. I'd be horrified to find such a thing!!

Happy to have good genes, Fred