June 10, 2005

Rubbing Off?

My in-laws arrived today. Up from Houston, Texas, they flew. But not on broomsticks. Oh no. They are much too sweet to have been issued broomsticks. They flew Continental Airlines, the only carrier that offers non-stop service from George H. Bush International Airport to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Those airport names please her parents as much as they displease Wendy and me.

Wendy's Texas accent is creeping back as it tends to do when she's around her family.

I like it.
It's sexy as hell.



Keith, RN said...

My in-laws are also Bush-loving Texans and they are not impressed by the fact that I stole their Southern daughter up here to Liberal Land Massachusetts (my father-in-law says "Massive Twoshits") and that their grandson is a very leftist liberal (that's my boy!).

I also think that Mary's southern accent is sexy when it surfaces.....

The Lioness said...

You're scaring me.