June 30, 2005

Baseball or Erotica?

I'm relaxing in the chair that replaced the green chair. The green chair is destined to furnish a certain college apartment come September. The green chair has been around. The new chair rocks. Literally. It rocks, swivels and reclines. It's one hell of a chair.

My mind is filled right now with baseball and erotica. Odd combo, I know. It's been that kind of day.

Hmmm.... baseball.
Hmmm.... erotica.


Erotic writing is something Wendy and I always laugh at when reading lesbian-themed fiction. To us, it is so often the weak link in such books. We are ever-so-certain we could write the most compelling sex scenes, cliche-free, hot and inspirational with just the perfect amount of tasteful innuendo. I don't think it's necessary to spell everything out explicitly. I like my imagination to take over at some point.

I've not attempted to write anything erotic in ages. I used to write it, long ago and far away. It was hardly quality stuff so I'm not sure why I think I could do better now. Strike that. I know exactly why I could do better now.

I clearly remember remember being in high school and composing a rather nasty tale featuring Nancy Drew and her boyfriend Ned. Oh baby, oh baby. I had those two solving a different type of mystery than old Carolyn Keene tasked them with. George and Bess were also much closer than cousins should be. And Carson, man oh man. That lawyer was paying Hannah for more than housekeeping duty.

Pure lust can be a wonderful thing.



Gina said...

Oh, I would have loved to have read that particular Nancy Drew mystery! Did you have a title for it? I have to know!

I used to read Nancy Drew all the time as a young' un. I always wished her and Ned would just get it on or something, for goodness sakes.

Hmmm, you may have had a best seller on your hands!

Udge said...

I'm with Gina: write it, and retire to the Bahamas on the proceeds.

weese said...

so will we be reading some erotica from Suburbia?
(see what happens after the kids move out :o)

Jack the blogger said...

Okay but does the chair vibrate too? Baseball and erotica aren't such a stange mix, did you ever hear the Woody Allen bit about thinking about baseball while having sex?

That Girl said...

Mmmmmm, erotica.

I have to admit, Ive talked about my Yanks during some sex. Nothing wrong with both of em, or swivel chairs - maybe it's the Summer of Suzanne!

I Am The Walrus said...

Very clearly illustrating the difference between men and women...women can think about baseball and their crotch while men use baseball to get their mind off of their crotch...Guess which one I choose?

Pisces75 said...

Have you ever written any baseball stories...that is the burning questions ;-)

Morphienne said...

Oh, by all means, please do write some lesbian erotica! The world could use some that's good, and doesn't feature strangers having a meaningless fuck over their coffee break using huge dildos. (The clitoris? What's that?) I'd love to read some. I'd be your beta . . .

Morphienne said...

I mean, after Wendy, of course.

Sandra Scoppettone said...

I cannot stand to write sex scenes. It's one of the reasons I'm so happy to be writing a series that takes place in 1943. Not that people didn't have sex then, but it would be totally out of place to write a sex scene for my protagonist.

I've written heterosexual sex scenes and lesbian sex scenes and have been told they were pretty good. But I hated writing them because afterall, what is there to say? Or what is there to say afterall? Nothing. Nothing new. You've read it all. But good luck to you S. if you can write something new and exciting. Let me know. I'd be thrilled to read it.

westvillageidiot said...

Go Tigers! RRRRoar!