June 21, 2005

Pictures for weese

Because she always asks so politely.

Before: Big ass honking cedar tree.
We think there is a house behind it.

After: There is, there is a house!

Yeah, we still have a long way to go to make this place beautiful.
A long long way.



Elizabeth said...

Ah...but the journey to home improvement is such a rewarding one. Just think how much beer you'll get to enjoy after each 'journey'.

weese said...

thanks for the pics. keep 'em coming.
I soooo agree with Elizabeth - beer just tastes better after a 'project'.

weese said...

hmm, I just notice that leader is not hooked up.
Weekend project?

Suzanne said...

Actually weese, we're not going to fix that at all... in about two weeks the whole exterior, including the gutters, is getting a facelift. I'll definitely be posting a pic of that! :)