January 22, 2006

Blog for Choice Day

Today is the 33rd anniversary of the pivotal Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade. Today I'm Blogging for Choice.

I'm not going to discuss my personal feelings on the subject of abortion. My personal feelings are not relevant to anyone except myself.

Notice the key word there? It's personal. Personal choice. I neither need nor want my government limiting a woman's options based on some other person's moral dictates and religious beliefs. I want and need my government to support a woman's right to choose what is best for her.

I've seen a simple bumper sticker which concisely sums up my thoughts:

"Against Abortion? Then Don't Have One."



TDharma said...

concise and right on the money, honey.

Geeky Dragon Girl said...

Wonderfully put! I wish the other half of America was't so damn narrow.

Cris said...


could not have said it better.

C said...

I whole-heartedly agree.
I wish I would have seen this yesterday to blog for it as well!

Mel said...

And, of course, if you are against robbery, don't rob anyone.

(You know it's my job in life to say these things.)

Anonymous said...

If only life were so easy that we could simply "do what we choose" with no concern as to its impact on others. There is a moral code written within every human's heart - placed there by your creator. Abortion is not choice...it is murder.
Not trying to be mean spirited and I do not want to anger any of you, but....
the truth can hurt.

Anonymous said...

Sorry....for some reason it won't let me sign in.
Didn't want to be anonymous (not a coward..grin).
Handle is Tlife.


WordsRock said...

Now now, Mel. A more apt comparison would be "If you are against smoking, don't smoke." Abortion is not a crime and I hope it never becomes one again.

Which leads me to Tlife. I admire your conviction and faith. But therein lies the heart of the controversy: your moral code and religious belief may not coincide with the moral code and religious belief of your neighbor or co-worker or even family member. In my America, there is room for everyone and freedom to make decisions for oneself.


Your Mom said...

That pretty much sums it up.

Anonymous said...

Well I might say that my neighbors dog pooped on my lawn so I'm going to kill it. I would have no problem with it, personally. It would be my coice to do so and see nothing wrong with it.

When questions of the population deal with societies ideas on what is life and what is death, is important to let this impact those with free will or not? You may not believe that a fetus at a certain age has rights, because you may not think that it is a human life to be protected, but other people might disagree and say that is a life it needs to be preserved like other human life.

The lines become very grey. For example, a fetus in the middle stages of gestation, it could not live on it's own if it were removed from the mother. But it could if we let doctors care for it. So becomes the question, when is removing the fetus ok?

I saw a bumper sticker a week ago that struck me as well. It said something to the effect that abortion is a chioce, but it stops a beating heart. Does that truely not cause you to question when a life is worth saving? When an aboprtion is a decision to not allow something to go on living?

It could be that you are just shutting these considerations out of your mind. Or it could be that you just don't have a problem with stopping the heart of a being from beating, its bloof to stop flowing. I find it funny how people like you make this so black and white. You might consider that a fetus in its early stages can feel pain. It responds to light and to sound and in fact recognizes the sound of its mother. It is calmed by it. This is just a basic observable fact.

That has to make you think... When is it right for you to decide when another life should cease.

Pinkie said...


Anonymous said...

CONVICTIONS R ALL WE HAVE LOVE IS WHAT WE NEED love-2-live-lesbian.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

I truly believe that the pointing out of the "grey area" is precisely the reason that we have to leave this issue OUT of the government's hands.

Too many issues involving religion and lack of scientific knowledge enter to play here, and despite the running of this country for the last six years - we are actually SUPPOSED to be living in a nation which was founded on the idea of a separation of church and state. One cannot base a murder charge rooted in a lack of scientific fact and an internal "knowing," or faith. I understand the feelings behind claiming abortion is "murder," but it is just that - a feeling.

In order to live a truly free life in a democratic society, we MUST keep religion out of government. Our forefathers, who by the way were men of God, designed our country that way for a reason.

The last "anonymous" contributor said :

"I find it funny how people like you make this so black and white."

Well... thanks for making the point. It's NOT black and white - which is precisely why we cannot make a law to make it so. That was the point of the original blog in the first place. If you are against it -- no one will force you to do it.

Hang in there, peeps... the world ain't so bad. :)



YO said...



knitphomaniac said...

I think it's a decision every person makes, and ought to make, based on their own beliefs and situation. I, personally, would never get an abortion, but I wouldn't impose that on someone else. If someone else deems it necessary or what they want, they should have the freedome to do so.

Bubba_Magoo said...

Concise and to the point.


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