January 29, 2006

It Will Be So Fine to See His Face At Our Door

The Boy left for college in August 2003.

Summer 2004 was spent working in Manteo, North Carolina. He went straight there from school and had less than a week home in August before returning to school.

Summer 2005 was spent working in Bigfork, Montana. Again, straight from school and his schedule allowed no time at home before classes began again in late August.

Summer 2006 approaches. And this year? This year he surprised the hell out of us by accepting a job in Charlottesville. Virginia. That's right. Just two hours southeast of home. Add gravy: it's only a nine-week gig. Then he's coming home for over a month.

We raise our children to hopefully be independent adults. We urge them to take chances, follow their hearts, work hard, dream big. Not all of them leave the nest with enthusiasm. Ours did. That's when my split personality kicked in. And don't bother denying it, we all have split personalities. I'm told a good Southern woman is trained to hide the splits in public. But behind closed doors, all bets are off.

Fragment One cheers, "Whoo hoo! He's working hard, loving where he is and what he does!"

Fragment Two wails, "Waaaaaa! He couldn't wait to leave home and get away from us!"

Then there's Fragment One Point Five. Well no. It's closer to Fragment One Point Two Five. It resides squarely in the realm of missingness and reality. I've grown accustomed to Personality Fragment One Point Two Five. It fits.

The Boy has had logical, sound reasons for selecting each of his summer jobs. But, selfishly, this time I do not completely care what his rationale is. After the year our family has had, I am savoring the fact he will be nearby and then home for an extended period.

Equally uplifting is that he seems to be looking forward to being home.

Go figure.



Kiker said...

Oh, that is great news! I am sure you will have a great summer. :)

Geeky Dragon Girl said...

Oh yes I know all about split personalities. I think I wrote a little thing on it one day several years ago. I think it was called "The Four Me's". Or was it five? I'll have to dig that thing up sometime and share it.

That Girl said...

That's great! I think it's just such a big change (or can be) from home at school to away at school.
You should feel lucky you only have two. At last count I had at least 175.

Aine said...

How lovely that you've brought him up to feel he can go and do these things. Not all parents raise their children to believe in themselves. In fact, here in Scotland it's more common to teach your child that they are a failure from the word go. Think small, don't dream, and don't bother trying. Good on you. And good luck to him.

Gina said...

I had a sneaking suspicion it was something like this.

But that's just cuz I'm so smart.

But, yay for a summer of togetherness!

Elizabeth said...

But of course he's looking forward to being home. Yer gonna wait on him hand and foot and love every moment of it. What's not to look forward to?

Est-ce que j'ai raison, M. Garcon?

My guess was he told you he's really gay and his current lover, Roland D'sprit, used to be a woman but got a sex change over in Thailand yet did not throw away his vast wardrobe he wore when he was a she but no longer wears because he is a he and the good news being that he was going to bequeath his former her-wardrobe to you which consists of a splendid assortment of paisley blouses and Capri pants.

But I would have been very wrong about that, wouldn't I?

Career Guy said...

Every night we count our chicks. This one's in Paris, this one's in Minnesota, this one's two blocks away. Another night one's in Ireland, one's in Georgia and (whew) one's two blocks away. All of our children fled the nest and we like to think it's because they were confident enough to do so. You raise them to be independent and then kick yourself when they take you up on it.

Jennifer said...

"The Boy has had logical, sound reasons ... "

You don't know how much envy this one little line provoked.

But still. I'm glad for you.


Princess Wild Cow said...

Now, how much trouble do the three of you think you can get into this summer? Enjoy...

Cris said...

Just because we raise them to fly does not mean we want them to go. We raise them to be the best they can be....and miss the shit out of them when they do it away from us.

Enjoy your summer with the Boy....take it one day at a time. It is good to regroup after the rough times.