January 9, 2006

What's This?

Hey now, hey now. What's this I have here? A blog? How curious.

I have a vague memory of blogging. It's something I used to do before I became Suzanne the Glorious! Ruler of the World! Lord of the Lands! Celebrated Despot of Civilization! Master of My Domain!

Oh yes, how I have grown. Can you tell? While my friends, bloggers and otherwise, have been productive members of society, or at least communicative members of society, I have withdrawn into a fantasy world where I reign supreme. Fear me. My troops are most powerful, my culture most enviable, my cities most developed, my ruling hand fair whilst I hungrily conquer even the most distant of lands.

Civilization IV anyone? The Boy gifted me with this latest in the series of computer games we both played over the years. It is but one of many games we shared while he was growing up. He understands the obsession. Personal computers were just becoming household objects in his youth and we embraced the new technology as entertainment. Once hooked, one is never quite the same.

Soon I will extract my head out of my ass and remember there is a real world out there. But not just yet. My troops are poised on the brink of destroying the puny civilization of Catherine of Russia. From there, we will march onward to crush Julius Caesar of Rome and Genghis Khan of Mongolia! Boo-yah!

Suburban warfare at its finest.
Tributes in the form of comments are most welcome.
It's lonely at the top.



That Girl said...

Hail mon Generale!

C said...

Greetings most exhaulted one!
How we hath missed your prescence in the realm of blogging! How glorious is your return!
All hail!!!!

Gina said...

Oh, my sympathies to Wendy.

Hubba-hubba got a bit caught up in Civilization and Warcraft as well, which I think is better.

All I know is that for a while I had an addict on my hands and life at my house was not that pretty.

But, all fixed now. So, just get it out of your system...

WenWhit said...

Don't feel sorry for me! I might not being playing Civ, but I can easily occupy myself on the computer at Suzanne's side for hours and hours. And when she takes out Catherine or Ghengis or whomever else, I'll celebrate her victory with her! :)

Ms. Live and Let Live said...

My husband and I are caught up in games called City of Heroes, and City of Villians. So yea, I understand the addiction completely. My girlfriend and her husband are addicted to World of Warcraft. Compter games are addictive, mmkay?

Northern_Girl said...

All Hail...All Hail!

When you are done letting slip the dogs of war, we'll be here, waiting for more posts.

TDharma said...

'Tis a heresay, I know, but I beg of you, smash these games to smithereens, lest they smite you mightly forever and a day!

Your humor I admire, greatly, Civ I know not, nor care to, alas. I am not a friend to computer games -- they vex me substantially.

Geeky Dragon Girl said...

Ah how refreshing it is to encounter other female game addicts like myself. I, too, once ruled the world with a mighty fist. Multiple worlds in fact. And then the real world ripped me from my warm cocoon. In other words, my wrists started hurting and I had to cut back. Now I play on my Xbox. No matter, I tip my hat to you fellow gamer!