October 22, 2006

Were I an Efficient Woman

Were I an efficient woman, there wouldn't be yet another pink card from our postal carrier announcing yet another non-delivery of yet another package.

Getting packages is cool. Getting a pink card from our postal carrier announcing he has a package for us but did not deliver it because no one was home is uncool. Completely uncool.

Do you get packages? Now and again? We do. Aren't packages fun? They are not always expected. They do not always fit in our mailbox. The ones that don't fit used to get delivered safe, warm, and dry in the carport. By the door. Where we'd find them when we returned home.

Our letter carrier, somewhat new to the route, a retired marine who "always adheres to the letter of the law" as directly quoted third-hand from a neighbor, states there is a new regulation requiring a homeowner to either be present to accept a package or have on file with the local Post Office a note stating it's okie-dokie to leave packages without a human presence to accept them.

This seems to be the height of postal inefficiency. Don't people pay extra to get "signature required" delivery? But he doesn't want a signature. He just wants us to be there to transfer the package from his hands to ours. He won't even leave it with our neighbor.

Oh sure, we can sign the little pink card and he'll bring the package in a few days. Or we can go to the Post Office and pick it up. Or we can write a note for him to keep on file saying it's okay for him to leave packages and he'll leave them like they always used to get left.

Were I an efficient woman, I'd have written the note weeks ago.

We got another pink card on Saturday.
I wonder what's in the package?

Were I an efficient woman, we'd already know!



Middle Girl said...

"...the height of postal inefficiency." Several days a week, we have no less than 3 different carriers in our office building, which is tiny by office building standards.

The curiosity would be near unabearable.

Unknown said...

I agree getting packages absolutely rocks!!! I got one just last week....my ll bean order.....a couple of really cozy, soft corduroy shirts....perfect for the cool weather that's descended upon us...grrrrrrrrrrr!

Gina said...

I loathe not knowing what's in the package.

Teresa said...

Golly, I hope it's nothing perishable. Some weird-ass folks send fruit and stuff through the mail.

Eyes for Lies said...

Here is one. We moved in. UPS would NEVER EVER LEAVE A package at our door. He always demanded a signature. Every damn time.

Yet the same guy delivered packages to my mom, from the same places, never required a signature, never required them to be home. He left them on the door.

It finally dawned on me the woman who sold the house, who I knew to be a liar, probably claimed that the packages he delivered weren't. He probably got in trouble, or was ordered to make her sign every time. He didn't know we were new neighbors!

Finally after about 6 years, he relaxed and now leaves all the packages - and he hasn't had one problem!

SassyFemme said...

Oh I love getting packages, I feel like a kid at Christmas! Our mail carriers stick things in plastic grocery bags and leave the bags hanging on the mailbox.

WenWhit said...

Were I more efficient, such burdens would not fall on you. Thanks for all you do. :)