November 16, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Wendy and I have been renovating our house for three years. Three freaking years. We're not done yet. Sure, measurable progress has been made. But in recent months we have stalled to almost a complete standstill. There are several daunting projects remaining and other areas in need of fine tuning.

We've amassed a large photo library documenting our efforts. In search of motivational inspiration to get us back on track, I perused those photos. Particularly striking are the "before" pictures. Some projects I'd forgotten we'd even done. It's quite affirming to be reminded how far we've come.

I do enjoy a jaunt down memory lane. Take this project, for example.

How could I have forgotten the decrepit heating/cooling unit under the picture window in the living room? Just ignore the pink holey walls. We had bigger problems. Weighing several hundred pounds, that monstrosity dominated the living room and the brick exterior of the front of the house. The problem vexed, not only "How?" but moreso, "Then what?"

One gray Saturday not long after we moved in, a wild hair sprouted. That unit would be removed and it would be removed immediately! We'd figure out how as we went along. Formulating a rough plan, we grabbed our tools and had at it.

Ta da! I may look dismayed, but it was a triumphant moment. When all was said and done, we muscled that bitch through the wall and to the curb for trash pickup. We sheetrocked the interior and buttoned up the exterior until we could hire a mason to patch the brickwork. Today there is no sign it ever existed. And the living room is no longer pink.

At times it is helpful to remind oneself of past success in order to gird for the present. Often what seems at first impossible is solved by something as simple as a wild hair and determination.

Girding for the present.
There's something to be said for that.
Determination rocks.



Anonymous said...

"Girding for the present.
There's something to be said for that.
Determination rocks."

If you don't mind I will just come back to this every now and then.


sporksforall said...

Well, if that itn't something. I now know precisely where that hole was. No evidence exists. Also no pink. Major affirmation!

Anonymous said...

As always, Suzanne, you two awe me.

WenWhit said...

Thanks for the reminder, darlin. Sometimes I overlook how much we've accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Determination does rock! Good job :)

We are going on year 10 of our remodel project. It's finally starting to pay off, and we too have heaps of photo/video reminders to bring us back where we once were -- shutter!!!

Gina said...

Why would anyone want something like that to dominate the main living room of the house? Ugh!

Glad you took things in hand and put it right.

And, BTW, you rock! And Wendy too!

Anonymous said...

dyke constuction LLC
you rock!

Anonymous said...

ah well this can only lead to more renovations and more pics for weese!

Anonymous said...

House projects rock. We just ripped out a dropped ceiling and sponge painted wall paneling from our middle bedroom. Several weeks and $1,000 later we have our new nursery. One of these days we'll have a baby to put in there as soon as we figure out how to get Mel's ovaries to cooperate.

Middle Girl said...

Determination I got, it's the acumen and second set of hands I lack. However, determination rocks!Ergo, determined to press on. ;)

Congratulations on jobs well done!

Geeky Dragon Girl said...

Thank goodness for the no more pink. Bleah.

SassyFemme said...

Holy shit y'all, that's freakin' amazing! I want to see more pics of your projects!

jo(e) said...

I love the idea of just deciding you are going to get the project done -- and plunging right in. That attitude works well for all kinds of things in life.

Anonymous said...

Determination. I'll drink to that.


That's flippin' AWESOME, chicas.

The Scarlet Pervygirl said...

That color of pink? It is the exact color of MY SKIN CRAWLING.

Congratulations on your newly inhabitable living room! You have every right to look around it with a great deal of satisfaction and reflect, "Yes . . . yes, I totally kick ass."

Suzanne said...

Pervy, the pink was eradicated years ago. :)

Anonymous said...

i hope you also fixed that errant phone jack hanging off the sill.