November 14, 2006

One Fine Weekend

We had houseguests.

You all know what that means. The hostesses must ensure their abode is in decent shape to receive visitors. This entails not only neatening and cleaning, but also meal planning and grocery shopping. Thankfully Wendy and I work well together in that regard. We are akin to a finely tuned symphony as we prepare for guests.

Did I mention I broke the dishwasher? Well I did. About two months ago. We haven't bothered to repair it because we are lazy slobs. Really though, how many dirty dishes does a family of two create anyway? Not that many. Handwashing is perfectly adequate. Of course with company coming, I view a broken dishwasher a bit differently. Anyone got a pill to cure lazy slobitude? It was too late to fix it for our most recent company, but Thanksgiving is just around the corner. We're definitely gonna need it then.

Our weekend guests have come and gone. I wasted all sorts of energy worrying about how the visit would unfold. Why? It's what I do. I worry. I'm damned good at it. But it was wasted worry, and oh how I abhor wasting worry. I mean, really. What if I run out? What would I do if I had nothing to worry about? I'd be lost, adrift in a sea of calm. The very idea makes me cringe. I'm not meant to be calm.

These visitors were like cotton candy: a sweet treat that left us wishing for more. I can't make up my mind if they were pink or blue or maybe even green cotton candy. I don't think it matters. I dare you to experience cotton candy and not smile, riding the comfortable wave of silliness that accompanies a high dose of sugar. Yes, that's it: our guests were pure sugar.

What do you get when you mix two California bloggers and two Virginia bloggers with a bowl of gummy eyes left over from Halloween?


Frankly, I don't quite know what to make of these.

Yeah. It was a mighty fine weekend.
Y'all shoulda been here too.



sporksforall said...

Thanks for not posting all the boob pictures. :) Knowing that they're out there is enough for the blogosphere.

Meanwhile, I should note in this here blog, that your hostessing skills were above and beyond. And, in trubute to Wendy, I'll say you all were as lovely as a fine sea salt at the hostessing thing.

Those eyes, though. Creepimous. :)

Middle Girl said...

The eyes have it..Y'all are sweet. :)

nina michelle said...

Gummy eyeballs! It is the one treat that my kids refused to eat!

How wonderful to have a weekend with friends!

Still glad you are back! Some of us (read: me) don't have a life! I am waiting with bated breath for the next body part you will talk about...


Gina said...


I'm so glad you all had such a grand time.

Anonymous said...

The only reason I WASN'T there, is because y'all didn't invite me!

I'm just saiyn'


GF (with feigned attitude)

(Glad you had a good time)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had an awesome weekend! So cool.

We entertained a very, very special guest too -- who I shall blog about soon hopefully. I am bursting at the seams!

Anonymous said...

excellent use of gummy food

WenWhit said...

Those gummy eyes were beyond nasty, ya'll... such "decorating" was by far the best use of such freakishly textured and scented "treats."

Scout, Sporks, visiting with ya'll was the real treat.

Anonymous said...

I laughed all day thinking about the eyes. My students often claim I have an extra set of eyes and if I only have some of your gummy ones I could prove it.