November 8, 2006

On Thin Lines and Being Easy

I crossed a line.
It's one I never thought I'd ever cross again.
I did it anyway.

Having traded my easy wash-n-go hair for a quasi-Medusa-like mass of long curls, it no longer dries automati- cally between when I exit the shower and my arrival at work. A hair dryer is now part of my mandatory morning routine. It's a good thing Wendy doesn't mind sharing her toys.

I waffle about my hair incessantly. Each time I'm certain I've decided to get it all chopped off, I receive affirmation for my new look. It happened again yester- day on my way to vote.

In our neck of the woods, elementary schools serve as polling places. I secured a parking spot in the crowded lot and followed the signs to the designated entrance. I passed a woman and her teenage daughter heading back to their car and smiled a greeting. The woman and I simultaneously realized we knew each other.

I hadn't seen her in at least three years, possibly four. We had worked together during my five-year stint as the treasurer of our local chamber of commerce; she had also been on the board. While our politics are at divergent ends of the spectrum, I appreciated her work ethic and follow-through. Plus she always had responded generously to solicitations for support of the theatre program where The Boy attended high school.

She and her daughter proudly sported George Allen campaign stickers on their jackets. We stood in the sun and chatted a bit, talking about her three children and my one. Then she said, "I really like your hair. It's such a softer look. You look years younger."

Alrighty then. That waffled me right back to leaving it long. The need to blow it dry every morning suddenly didn't seem so odious. I'm so easy.

By next week, of course, I'll have waffled back.

Meanwhile, I bask in the results of the elections. Sure, the Virginia marriage amendment passed along with similar measures in seven other states. I'm not basking in that. But the House? And the Senate? I'm basking. For the first time in a long while, I have hope for America.



Anonymous said...

First the comments about the about the hair?

you tease!

Gina said...

Oh Suzanne is a big tease!


Anonymous said...

Don't get sucked in by the evil Republican, Suzanne.

If you like your hair short, cut it, baby!

Anonymous said...

I agree with that woman!

That style is so-so-so YOU!

(It's easy to let it get too long, though, eh?)

I do so hope Allen concedes today. Is there talk of a re-count?

WenWhit said...

Short or long, your hair is always beautiful.

KMae said...

Suzanne, your curls are gorgeous!
But if you nee a change, go ahead & cut it/ what's the worst that could happen? You can ALWAYS grow it back.

Of course I say that with hair down to my waist because I don't want to cut my REAL color off, as the silver is steadily coming in...

Middle Girl said...

ooh you and your long silvery curls are hum..ahem, what I mean to say is, hope the new dem leaders live up to our expectations. We've voted for change now, let's see it.

Love the hair, no matter the length.

tiff said...

Hair and politics in one post. Only a true mistress of the craft could do that so deftly.

Keep the hair (and the politics).

Val said...

Explain why your hair must be dry by the time you get to the office. Is that some kind of office policy? Strange.
I've done quit the evil blow dryer, myself. My hair will never require THAT ever again! Gel and go is my motto!

Where your hair the way YOU want - you'll look fine cuz you're happy!

SassyFemme said...

I love your curls! I have to fight to get even a little bit into mine, and it never lasts.

Anonymous said...

Aren't election results FANTASTIC?

Suzanne said...

Damn y'all, eb and elswhere! You take all the fun out of hair waffling!

And it's not so much about having wet hair at work, it's about the weather. My head gets cold if I go out with wet hair. I dislike the ice cap sensation. :)

Eyes for Lies said...

Lovely curls, are they natural? I have the same hair -- but much more corse.

Eyes for Lies said...


agoodlistener said...

Eyes was going for "coarse". Whew. Just had to finish that thought. Anyhoo, I've done some hair waffling myself. Right now I'm diggin' super short--wash and go. On you, though, let's go long.

nina michelle said...

I am about the start a new blog entry called On Thin Ice and Being Antsy...

miss reading you! and now I am the first on your comment role AND the last....ahhhhhhh!