November 9, 2007

100 Things 2007

I re-read my 100 Things.
Circa 2004, it's grown stale.
Imagine that.

So here ya go.
100 Things 2007
Just in time for 2008.
  1. Children go off to college.
  2. They come back different.
  3. That's a good thing.
  4. Our nest is officially empty.
  5. I survived the transition.
  6. Who knew it would be so hard?
  7. My money still comes from the same people for doing the same jobs.
  8. Eh, it's a living.
  9. Family can die.
  10. Suddenly.
  11. Death really sucks.
  12. I only know from the perspective of the ones left behind.
  13. So far, anyway.
  14. That's humor folks.
  15. Go with it.
  16. We're still working on our house.
  17. The end, believe it or not, is in sight.
  18. I can see for miles and miles.
  19. We've learned a lot.
  20. About a lot of things.
  21. Sometimes we remember it when we need it.
  22. I've often said that being a parent just gets more satisfying as each year passes.
  23. That still holds true.
  24. Being a daughter has become challenging.
  25. I'm still in training.
  26. Who knew?
  27. Watch your back.
  28. You could be next.
  29. We have a five year plan.
  30. It began on January 1, 2007.
  31. It's a good plan.
  32. More on that later.
  33. Maybe.
  34. I now own a hairbrush.
  35. And other hair management tools.
  36. I have bands and bows and clips and ties.
  37. My hair is longer than it has ever been before.
  38. It has become a fashion statement.
  39. I have no idea what it says.
  40. I'm okay with that.
  41. George Bush is still POTUS.
  42. Yeah, I can't believe it either.
  43. Soon, my friends.
  44. But not soon enough.
  45. My son urges me to take calcium.
  46. Sometimes I actually remember to take it.
  47. Not as often as I should.
  48. I like it when he nags me.
  49. I've quit smoking three times since 2004.
  50. I need to do it again.
  51. Yeah, I know. WTF?
  52. I recently turned 45.
  53. A friend told me I was acute.
  54. Then she gave me a lesson on angles.
  55. Good stuff, angles.
  56. Beer is the nectar of the Gods.
  57. Gods with a capital G.
  58. Bless their little Godly hearts.
  59. All of them.
  60. Who sings that song "Harden My Heart"?
  61. Wait. I'll go look it up.
  62. Oh nevermind.
  63. I asked Wendy.
  64. It's Quarterflash.
  65. She knows things like that.
  66. It seems like something to avoid.
  67. That heart hardening stuff.
  68. It's a good song though.
  69. I'd like to learn how to make pupusas from scratch.
  70. Plus the spicy cabbage stuff to accompany.
  71. Plus the salsa.
  72. Gotta have the salsa.
  73. The Boy is now a working actor.
  74. He is the most beautiful person I have ever known.
  75. Warts and all.
  76. Eh, we all have 'em.
  77. May as well give 'em a nod every once in a while.
  78. I have a collection of lolcats.
  79. I may share them with you some day.
  80. Maybe I already have.
  81. Need a smile?
  82. Look at lolcats.
  83. I dare you to resist smiling.
  84. I'm a simple woman.
  85. For that, I am grateful.
  86. Wendy and I still can't agree on what date our anniversary is.
  87. We know we have one.
  88. We just don't know when.
  89. We'll figure it out someday.
  90. Meanwhile, we're in love.
  91. Maybe you knew that.
  92. I drive a boring car.
  93. I'd like to drive a hybrid.
  94. It'll still be a boring car.
  95. But a healthier one.
  96. I just am not that excited by cars.
  97. They are merely a means to an end.
  98. It's football season.
  99. And fire-in-the-fireplace season.
  100. Life is good.


Anonymous said...

Fire in the fireplace season, woot!
Doesn't everything just feel more "homey" this time of the year?

Martin said...

I think you are neat.

Lee said...

cool you did this again :) nice updates

WenWhit said...

It just keeps getting better, Baby. :)

Middle Girl said...

I can relate to much--especially the being a daughter deal.

I wonder what my daughter will be saying in 20 years about me.

Fantastic update.

SassyFemme said...

Nice 100 update.

Looking forward to hearing more about the five year plan!

Eyes for Lies said...

Just wanted to say hi! It's been a long while since I've heard from you. I suspect my blog is too heavy these days for you :<

Gunfighter said...

Love the list!

Hey, did you get to Mount Vernong for the candlelight tour this year?