November 7, 2007

One Fine Morning

I woke up cranky. I don't much like being cranky. It's far too much work.

My face assumed a thoughtful yet cranky expression. My brain mulled a mix of Get Happy Behaviors.

The question was posed: "Self, what's the best way to relieve this crankiness?"

My Brain: Let's don our favorite pajamas and get back in bed.
The Rest of Me: Not an option today. Try again.

MB: How about we don our favorite pajamas and get back in bed?
TRoM: Can we please move on!?

MB: More coffee.
TRoM: That's better. A good start.

MB (with a flash of clarity): I've got it! Dress fabulous!
TRoM: Brilliant!

And so the crankiness was banished.

Sometimes it's just that simple.
Caffeine and the right outfit.



Middle Girl said...

yep. yep.

SassyFemme said...

Works for me!

WenWhit said...

Know what also helps? When you arrive at work to a dish labeled, "Homemade marinara with lamb - hope you enjoy!". Breakfast of champions. ;)

Anonymous said...

Have you no photographic evidence of your ensuing fabulousness? Don't even try to get away with claiming you didn't have a camera handy; I've seen the multimedia contents of your purse.

eb said...

Is paisley fabulous?

weese said...

you crack me up.

whose socks did you wear?

Kendra said...

I almost never opt for fabulous when I am cranky... just cozy. Jeans and a baby blue sweater that my dad had in college can snap the fussiness right out of me. :)

WenWhit said...

Must I really confirm here that my sock drawer seems a bit depleted relative to my own usage?

Anonymous said...

And if that doesn't work, may I suggest a flask in your desk at work!?

Unknown said...

My "right outfit" would've been pajamas and the conversation between self and body would've continued, probably endlessly. LOL.