March 26, 2008

Break's Over

They say the way to get something done is to ask a busy person to do it. It's so true, yet irrelevant to this post. I just find it a fascinating truth in human behavior.

We gave ourselves the winter off from house projects. A small kindness, a personal gift perhaps? I like to think of it as such. It beats thinking of ourselves as slothful. More than likely it's a combination. I'm okay with that.

But now it's Spring. Days are longer, things are blooming, an urge to "do" buds within us.

I wasn't feeling particularly inspired when we awoke Friday morning. A three day weekend stretched out before us, filled with possibility. I contemplated rolling back over and taking a nap. But that urge nagged. That urge to "do".

I was laying there teetering on the edge of whatever when the Tornado hit, the Tornado I affectionately call "Wendy".

This is where good couples dynamics pays off. Knowing when to lead, when to follow, when to step in and when to stand back. I have learned when the Tornado hits to just ride it. She's a purposeful whirlwind, my Wendy.

Over the next several months, we'll be creating useful, hopefully beautiful, living space in the lower level of our house. (Yes, there will be pictures.)

First up, whole house (re)organization. Our home is not large. Renovating an entire level requires optimal organization elsewhere. In our case it took on the added benefit of spring cleansing.

Before I had even downed my second cup of coffee, Wendy had three closets emptied and had started on a fourth. Then she disappeared into the attic. Piles of "stuff" appeared everywhere. (Where did it all come from?! ) I sorted, purged and neatly repacked as assigned.

She blew by me at intervals, here there and everywhere, pointing, soliciting opinions, answering questions, solving problems. By Saturday evening, the work was almost complete. We retired to the fort for s'mores.

See, not only did Wendy re-organize our closets, basement and attic, she found time to set up a firepit in the fort. I heart my Tornado.

Next up, a laundry list of projects and events-to-come: plumbers with jackhammers, shower layout and construction, floor coverings, lighting design, power tools, problem-solving, electricians, Kerdi and tile, drywall dust, fresh paint, trim work, and a budget we'll try not to blow too badly.

Yes indeed, our break is over. The game is afoot!



Landlady of Fat said...

It's about frickin' time! ;)

Anonymous said...

ooooh and the sexy pics of you two lookin like coal miners....dont forget those pics

weese said...

I am so excited!

(I also LOVE the image of wendy as the tornado... I am so one with that)

Middle Girl said...

I can hardly wait.

SassyFemme said...

I love cleaning out and reorganizing, it's the jobs after that I dread doing (okay, I dread holding the flashlight).

Looking forward to seeing the pics.

Val said...

In the middle of March Madness, the Tornado comes alive and starts planning projects AND picks well on her brackets????!! She's a gem.

agoodlistener said...

I'm down for some spring cleaning---the sun is out, it's not freezing, and I can hobble up and down stairs. Good for you for going with the Tornadic Winds of Wendy.

Anonymous said...

When you guys are done, can you send Wendy to our house? We need some tornado energy.

Can't wait to see pictures!