May 31, 2004

Food Am Good

I'm sitting here eating a spinach chicken salad from Wendy's. It is good. The little grape tomatoes are sweet and not mushy. The greens are fresh and crisy. Then there's the hard boiled egg crumbled on top. Yum.

This is our second weekend in a row of eating pretty much nothing but fast food and chips. But that's the way it goes when we are in the midst of a project. Luckily the fast food places are now offering more healthy choices, such as this salad I am enjoying. The Big Macs we had for dinner last night were damned tasty though!

I actually love to cook. It is very pleasing to me to put together a nice meal for my family. Then the pleasure is multiplied when they enjoy it. But to cook, one has to have time to go to the grocery store. I may get there by the middle of June. If we run out of fudgesicles before then, however, I'll somehow find the time. After all a home without fudgesicles is ... well ... a dark and less pleasurable place.

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