May 23, 2004

Popeye's Chicken Strips

Undeniably THE best strips of delicious, tender, juicy, flavorful chicken with THE best light crunchy batter of all! I really really really like the spicy variety with the firey good hotness offset by the sweet and sour dipping sauce. Well, the official name of the sauce I like is "confetti", but the subtitle reads sweet and sour. Saying confetti sauce just does not convey much of anything. I mean, who has tasted confetti and been left with a favorable impression of the taste?

My girlfriend prefers the cajun honey mustard dipping sauce. Yes that's right! Mustard! Only those that know her well realize how far she's come in the mustard loving department. Bit by bit I'm luring her over to the dark side. Muhahahaha!

Now if I could just get Popeye's strips and KFC coleslaw at the same restaurant. I might just die in a fit of sensorial fast food chicken and side dish delight.

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