May 21, 2004

Hidden Quantities?

Out here in the suburbs there are other lesbians, but Wendy and I don't know many.

There is one couple we socialize with on occasion. I'll come back to them another time because they are interesting. And they have a friend we have run into several times in unexpected places.

Our veterinarians are two more. Well one of them for sure, and the other one is missing a grand opportunity if she has not yet realized it. She probably has. No confirmation because it's not often that the subject of sexuality comes up during a vet visit. Gaydar is useful.

And we've met another odd trio of lesbians through Wendy's workplace. They are involved a quite bizarre love triangle. Two of them are... well there is just no polite way to say this... scary-bulging-sloppy-sweaty-legs-as-big-around-as-my-waist-and-watermelon-boobies size persons. Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against overweight folks. It's just these two are SO enormous that it's noteworthy. They have great personalities and each is interesting in her own right. But the quite bizarre love triangle thing gives me the oogies in a big way. The third banana of that bunch is a regular sized woman: t-shirt, blue jeans, baseball hat wearing short haired stereotypical dyke-type. I don't know if she shaves her legs, but she might. She's the one that bounces back and forth between the fatties and plays games with all of their heads and hearts and other body parts that I refuse to even think about. Oogie factor and all. Big way.

The woman at the Mobil station, the one who calls everyone 'Hun', is a possibility. But it's probably just because she reminds me of a friend of an ex of mine. They could be twin sisters separated at birth. Or it could be because that friend of an ex of mine also used to work at a Mobil station, albeit a completely different Mobil station in a completely different part of town.

So Wendy and I hang around with our hetero friends of various ages, sizes and personal quirkitudes. Suburban neighborhoods are rife with heteros in need of token lesbian friends. We are glad to be of service.

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