July 13, 2005

Let's Talk Crazy

I've heard time and time again how everything is bigger in Texas. These news bites I'm about to share, however, tell a different tale.

This first story focuses on a home about a mile from my own. In suburban Northern Virginia. It's a different genre of suburbia than my own, though, being situated in an area I fondly refer to as "The Land of the Big House" due to the size of the less-than-modest homes in the vicinity. This crazy fucking family had over 300 cats in their house. 86 of them dead.

And then I came across this tale in the news today. I thought, "Well. There ya go! Texans aren't all that after all. Their crazy lady only had 22% of the number of cats our crazy family here in Virginia had living with them! And what a wimp that Texas woman is! She lived in her yard and slept in her car while that herd of felines had run of her house. Pshaw! That hardly qualifies as crazy!"

Say it out loud.
It tickles if you say it right.



Bent Fabric said...

Holy schnikes! How crazy do you have to be to do that?

Anonymous said...

You better warn your sister that she's only like 296 dogs from being a fringe citizen out here in Sedona!! ; )

Katie said...

Your post was soooo timely. I had just been irrate and complainy about our FOUR cats. I feel (slightly) more sane now.

Really and truly, this was very sad and our kitties got extra love last night.

LutheranChik said...

Greetings from sub-sub-suburbia, where we have more than our share of crazy cat, dog and horse people. Makes me feel absolutely mainstream in comparison.;-) (Pet count: One psychotic dog.)

LutheranChik said...

And, in a strange convergent moment, I was reading "Weird News" in a cafe yesterday, and it had an article about goat hoarding -- evidently this is a problem too, in some localities. One individual had three feet of goat feces and straw in his house, which was filled with goats.

BTW -- formal greetings and salutations! Another blogger made me aware of your blog. It's great.