July 21, 2005

Thursday Rocked

Pretty please.
Pretty please with sugar on top.

If anyone reads this who can profess an affection for the movie Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, if anyone can share anything remotely redeeming about that movie, if anyone can share any reason why anyone should watch said film, please stand up and tell us all about it here. Yes yes, and please sign your name. It's important in ways you'll never understand.

Outside of an interesting cast and a few irresistible chuckles, I'm all like "WTF is up with that movie?" So someone help me.

Pretty please?
Pretty please with sugar on top?
WTF is up with that movie?

Our cable was out tonight. Don't know why. Should it matter? Hell no. We can survive without television for an evening. There was no baseball on anyway. So who needs TV?

Evidently we do. Because we watched that movie. It had been sitting in its Netflix wrapper for months. We don't watch many movies during baseball season. We watch baseball. Duh.

Baseball, being a game of a slower variety, allows significant multi-tasking while watching. There are a plethora of breaks: between innings, between batters, with pitching changes, etc., that allow, nay, require, a viewer with an active mind to occupy their attention elsewhere, but only in spurts and starts.

There are some activities which lend themselves well to multi-tasking in spurts and starts. I've not been doing enough of those. Instead I've been trying to do other activities which do not lend themselves well to random starts and spurts. This leads me to not accomplish anything with any great rate of success.

For that reason I am glad the cable was out. The only things I'm tasking this evening are in a linear progression. I think I'll sleep better tonight. Maybe my mind will slow down.

I didn't even touch on why Thursday rocked. That would require blogging about work and I only blog about work to discuss our annual company picnic and, even then, it is more about me than work. Too bad, too. Because I could weave a tale about today to rival any other tale I've ever told because today was a unique Thursday.

This Thursday rocked.
Hope yours did too.



Melodee said...

Oh, but I must know why Thursday rocked! And I never saw that movie.

Lioness said...

Best I can do is rave abt the book, whoch I absolutely loved. That one and Skinny LEgs And All are my favourites of his. I wouldn't have dared see the movie actually, to afraid I'd be left pulling my hair. I saw the trailer for Prince of Tides and well, wanted to throw a fit. Even more obscene than ECGTB.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

weese said...

ok, you can't do that. you can't tell us your not going to tell us something and especially not tell us something great. c'mon, spill.

SassyFemme said...

I saw the movie and can't think of a reason why anyone should see it. Sorry. If you like that kd lang sings the music from it, then save yourself from watching the movie and just get the CD.

Career Guy said...

So anyway, back to baseball. When my daughter lived in Chicago and the Indians were playing the White Sox, we would call each other and talk all during the game, ripping on the players, the managers, at-bats, bonehead plays, good and bad pitches. It was almost as good as sitting in the same room and watching it together. Almost.