July 28, 2005


Turns out Cosine got another bath after all! Well, it was more like a quasi-bath.

Since she'd been acting so odd over the weekend, Monday found us on our way to the vet for a check-up.

We had her leashed mostly out of habit. She moves with such an unsteady gait, we've mostly been carrying her around like a sack of potatoes. Actually we carry her more like a baby. A 40 pound furry baby. Neither potatoes nor babies typically require a leash.

I set her down to open the car door and she tottered away a few steps. Then she assumed that familiar universal doggie squat and started to poop right there on the driveway. For some reason the idea of her pooping on the driveway alarmed me. I squawked and spasmodically jerked the leash.

Cosine startled, lost her balance and fell over right into her neat pile of shit.

I do believe it would have been considerably easier to clean shit off a potato. I know it was easier to clean it off a baby.


1 comment:

Gina said...

Ok, that one sounded a bit like your fault.

Poor baby.

Cosine, not you. :)