November 30, 2005

♪♫ All I Can Say Is That My Life Is Pretty Plain ♪♫

An old house I sometimes drive past is home to a palm reader. A large white, blue and red sign affixed to the roof proclaims "Fortune Telling --- Psychic Readings --- Palmistry." The words are positioned around a large red hand in the center. Every so often there is an "Under New Management" banner hanging outside, but the name of the psychic reader never changes. She always goes by Annie.

I've never even considered stopping there, despite the tantalizing lure of another large sign posted in the window shouting "Special! Palms Read $10!" I mean, sure it sounds like a great deal and all. And who doesn't love a bargain? But I just can't see myself strolling in there, slapping my $10 on the table and requesting Annie's version of the future she sees written on my palm.

I've never had my palm read. Frankly, those folks scare me. Well. It's situational fear. I'd not be afraid to pass them on the street or stand in line with them at the grocery store, places within my comfort zone. My fear is of the unknown. The mystical. The double-hex-triple-whammy. What if my palm really has something to say? The secrets my palms must hold! I'm not ready to unleash such things on my conscience.

Oh who am I trying to kid? I'm far too practical to indulge in things of such whimsical nature. I'm a bookkeeper for pete's sake. It goes against my nature. I'll save my $10 for a case of cheap beer.

Across the street from Annie's House of Palmistry is one of the ancient motels that still operates along Richmond Highway. Years ago, it was named the Harry Smith Motel. I kid you not. The good old Harry Smith. Evidently, a weary traveller could get much more than just a room for the night at the Harry Smith Motel. The police shut them down but it has since reopened with a different name, Cedar something. It's not nearly as interesting without rumors of drug dealing and prostitution.

Where was I going with this anyway? Oh yeah. I remember reading something somewhere sometime that the lines on one's palms change through the years as one experiences life. I read it long enough ago to have since forgotten the details. But evidently not only can a palm reveal the future, it also speaks of the past.

Do fortunetellers read feet? The reason I started thinking about palm readers is because I've got these new lines on my foot. On the bottom of my right foot. Across my heel. Three of them. Parallel. What could they possibly mean? Curiosity abounds.

Yeah. My life is pretty plain. But I like it that way.

Post title borrowed from the lyrics of Blind Melon's No Rain. It's echoing in my head after hearing it on the drive home from work this evening.



cbar said...

I've had my palm read. I'm interested in that stuff. I once took a book out of the library in college that taught you had to read palms on your own, but to be honest, I don't remember how to do it.
Anyway, I've had my palm read 2x and to be honest, I'm petrified each time I've gone in. I'm scared of what they're going to say. One of them told me that I would die at the age of 87, that actually made me happy--nice to know that I have an age to shoot for now...but anyway, yeah I don't know where I was going with this. I just wanted to share. : )

oohh, can I play? Can I buy a d please??

weese said...

I don't think I would notice if I had a 'new' line on the bottom of my foot.

cbar said...

I'll spin.

I'd like to buy an L, Pat?

Suzanne said...

Alrighty then. As much as I hate ending this awesome game of hangman, I have already figured out what eb is trying to say, and I'm just not sure I agree with her assessment. Actually I am sure. I don't agree. eb, it's five words not four. Silly girl.

Weese, I sit cross-legged on my office chair. My feet are right there and it is easy to notice changes. These lines are really noticeable where no lines existed before. I'm not a foot fetishist by a far stretch... not that there is anything wrong with that.... but it is kind of fun to touch those new lines...

C, if they told you the first time you would die at 87, what did they tell you the second time?


cbar said...

That I would live a long and healthy life. No mention of an age, or a reason for death.

See, I'm interested in it but I don't necessarily believe all that I head. I'd like to, but as you can see, the conflictions don't make it easy. I guess I should go a third time though and see if anything matches up though.

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend and I agreed what the 3 new lines mean:

Your rightfoot wants a new pair of 3-straps sandals!
Your leftfoot is probably still very much attached to your other pairs of shoes, sandals or sneakers, but your rightfoot has found it needs a change!
My feet want birkenstock, but I am still in denial....
I like my bikerboots too much.....

love from the netherlands,
and you have an awesome blog!