November 20, 2005

Life Lessons

Dear She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named,

There was no rhyme or reason to why I fell for you. You came into my life at such a pivotal time for both of us, not that we realized it then. I sure didn't. I may have run the other direction if I had.

Thanks for teaching me the valuable lesson that just because I love someone doesn't mean they will love me back. Thank you for breaking my heart. Yes, seriously. Thank you for ripping it out of my chest, batting it around like a badmitton birdie, leaving it out in the rain, and playing hopscotch with it until it was barely beating. Oh yes, yes, yes! Thank you for introducing me to emotional agony as I figured out how to rebuild said heart. Good times, good times indeed. Everyone should try it at least once. Thanks for making sure I got a turn.

I'm running the risk of sounding like a Celine Dion song here, but before my experience with you I had no real comprehension of the power of love, the depth of emotion my heart could feel were I to but let it. I am quite sincere when I say thank you for that. I would be a much different woman today if I'd never learned.

But most of all, thanks for leaving me. If you hadn't, my life as I know it now would not exist. And oh how I love my life now! More than I ever loved you, I can confidently say.

A Grateful Woman

PS: Remember that humongous macaroon you sent me on my birthday two years after you left? Obviously I do. What a great touch that was. Bitch.

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Melodee said...

Okay then. Giant maracoon?

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I didnt really understand the macaroon either but a slap is a slap.

Gina said...

I agree with you that it is good to have your heart stomped on a bit, at least once.

It makes you that much more appreciative of what you have.

Anonymous said...

I loved this!! Well anyway, hi :) I don't know how I found your blog, but at some point I added it to my favorite places to read at a later date. This is the later date. I think I originally saw you were from Alex, VA and so am I. I really like your blog. You're a talented writer. I don't have one on here but I do have a journal on Open Diary. I'll be back to check out some more entry's later. I think I read at least 20 today! Take care. ANN

Anonymous said...

It is amazing the things that we are grateful for... even the bitchy rotten stuff affects us...

great post.

Anonymous said...

Not so much a celine dion as a sinead o'connor:
"Thank you for breaking my heart
Thank you for tearing me apart
Now I've a strong, strong heart
Thank you for breaking my heart "

Anais said...

I liked this "thank you" note posting. I also feel the same for one woman of my past- the firts, as a matter of fact when I wa syoung and innocent. She showed me waht NOT to look for in a partner. I am so greatful! She also provided the best of romantinc and sensual moments of my life... Gee, I have to thank her for that.