November 7, 2005

He Didn't Even Wish Me a Happy Birthday

I received a traffic ticket on my birthday. A moving violation. Lord knows I deserved it, but damn. It was my birthday. I didn't even try to talk my way out of it. I played the polite, well-mannered law-breaking citizen. I knew I deserved that ticket. I am so ashamed.

It was the first time I got caught speeding ticket I've gotten in about 16 years. I hadn't been stopped for speeding since I got rid of the bright red car I drove back in the 80s. Oh my that was a sweet car, my cherry red 1983 Mustang GT. I couldn't help but speed while driving it. Zero to 60 in second gear. With a purr. It was the 5.0 litre engine. It comes with a built-in lead foot. Yes, all the speeding tickets I received while owning that car were destiny.

But now I drive a 1999 Toyota Camry with a four-cylinder engine. When the kind officer told me how fast he had clocked me, I was somewhat relieved. You see, I had just slowed down a bit. Who knew my car would go that fast?

It'll only cost me $181.

But I am The Queen of Finding Silver Linings, lest you need a reminder. $181 aside, we arrived before the curtain went up.

It was worth it.



Melodee said...

Well, then it was a happy birthday, indeed. :)

mc said...

$181 - why not $180? What's up with the $1? What is wrong with those fining people?

weese said...

happy birthday!
you crazy driver!

SassyFemme said...

Happy Birthday Speedy!

What about doing defensive driving? Will that be cheaper than the ticket?

Gina said...

You would have thought he would have at least noticed the date. These cops, they are machines, I tell you.

Does the 181 include the joys of traffic school?

And you drove a Ford? A Mustang? Geez, but at least you now drive a Toyota, so I can forgive you.

Glad you made it on time. :)

Bev Sykes said...

Happy birthday. (I got fired on my last birthday!)

elswhere said...

I think a speeding ticket on your birthday is a sign of a insousciant and youthful spirit. (I was going to say, "and that's a fine thing," but am wary of getting a ticket from the pun police ;)

Happy birthday!

Eyes for Lies said...

HOW FAST were you going???? ;)

Unknown said...

Nice. Less than 200 bucks. Happy Birthday!

rashbre said...

happy birthday from one scorpio to another!