June 27, 2006

Abracadabra! Open Sesame!

I recently visited Trader Joe's for humanitarian reasons. I was on a mission of mercy. Or something like that.

The Boy likes Clif Bars. Since we were going for a visit, I thought I'd bring him some. (Will I ever tire of feeding The Boy? I think not.) The cheapest place I know to procure them is Trader Joe's where they sell for 99¢ apiece. Of course while I was there, I took time to wander the aisles.

Remember this snack binge? I know I do. Ever so fondly. But I had moved past those particular delights eons ago. My binges change target. There are long periods of time, days months years, when I don't snack-obsess. But I've felt it for weeks now. The time was nigh. The need for a new snack discovery worthy of obsession has been burning hot in my blood.

Sometimes the packaging describes the food product within by pumping it up with all sorts of colorful tasty adjectives, making such sincere claims about how delicious the contents are that there is no way in hell to resist purchasing it. At least a minor affinity for one or more ingredients has already primed the pump, so to speak. Otherwise why would one even bother reading the package? I can't be the only one susceptible. Aren't you?

No? Well okay. It wasn't the package that caught my eye this time anyway. It was the seeds.

All hail the Sesame Seed, tasty little morsels of crunchy goodness! And the best part? The seeds are adhered to cashew nuts by a delicate honey glaze.

The first nibble sealed the deal. And so a binge is born. Yet it's controlled bingeing with nary a purge in sight. Behold. Heaven in a bowl, a reasonable portion doled out, each bite savored as no refills are allowed. Not until the next day. And only then if I'm good. Whatever that means.

They're even better with beer.
Try it. You can thank me later.



Sam said...

Those are my FAVORITE!!! I'm not allowed to get them anymore because I can put away near half a bag in a day.

weese said...

I do so love Trader Joe's

sporksforall said...

Ok, I scared to know about these. Since I share your love for the fruit jellies; I'm guessing these, too, will appeal as well. I do wish I could get all grapefruit jellies.

Gunfighter said...

I love Trader Joe's... I also love Whole Foods. I just found out today that the Whole Foods on Little River Turnpike has closed.


sporksforall said...

"I scared?" What's wrong with me? Sorry!

Teresa said...

I, too, *heart* Trader Joe's and have been through many obsessive snack phases: sesame rice crackers, lemon Luna bars, Pirate Booty, TJ's generic Pirate Booty, TJ's choco biscotti, and, currently, honey whole-wheat pretzel sticks. Just as soon as I tire of one snack habit, another looms up to take its place. Convenient, that.

Suzanne said...

Sam my dear, have you no self control? Half the pleasure is anticipation. Yeah right. Who am I kidding? I'd like to eat the whole package in one sitting. :)

weese... the place rocks, doesn't it?

Gun, I've never been to a Whole Foods but have been wanting to visit the new one on Duke Street. Ever get up that way?

Spork, you were obviously wrapped up in the excitement of a new snack discovery! Typos are expected when one is distracted. :)

It sure seems you and scout have an awful lot in common with Wendy and me. Wanna arm wrestle to see who gets to wear the Queen of Snacks crown? :)

Gina said...

You had me on Trader Joe's.

You lost me on the sesame seeds.

They are an evil I am forced to live with every time I bite into a hamburger bun, and that is about the only time we meet.

Eyes for Lies said...

Trader's Joe ROCKS! At least for me with a sulfite allergy.

They have awesome, WICKED chocolate. Have you tried their pure chocolate bars (1 Ib. bars) from Switzerland or Belgium? Ohhhh...

They also have a great granola cereal with flax and pumpkin seeds. It's heavenly.

And corn chips with flax -- but buy the spicy only. Whoa!

And they have frozen pot stickers. Divine! Healthy, too.

And their Puglese bread. I'm speechless.

Love it. We just have to drive an hour to get there.

Oh, and the most sinful? Chocolate covered cherries. Oh. My.

Taradharma said...

wow...I've fallen behind here. I, too, love Trader Joe's. I love that they sell Atkins Shakes for less than the Atkins website. I love the "Tasty Little Crackers." They are one of the few places that sell stilton year-round (not just christmas).

mmmm...these look good! Me try them, too. Nummy.

tiff said...

Whoa......that's a nut-lover's mouth-O right there.

FYI - I swear I saw you Boy in the doc's office today sporting a Wheaton Improv tee. And if that was him - cute! And if not, still cute, but not as cute as your boy. :>