June 14, 2006

Take a Walk on My Dark Side

Many moons ago, I posted my Johari Window and asked y'all to participate.

Evidently I'm very transparent. I have no façade! This pleases me not, as I have always considered myself a secretive individual. In fact I know I am. Obviously I've got you all faked out. Or maybe I've faked myself out.

Whatever. I'm in an odd mood this week, a Nohari Window kinda mood. For this exercise, I selected words I feel represent my negative personal qualities. I must say, I had difficulty narrowing down the choices to five or six.

So tell me. What do you think?
Play along here: Suburban Lesbian's Nohari Window.

Go on.
You know you want to.



J said...

I had a look at the Nohari window, and found a couple that I thought I could risk going with(inflexible & cynical) But I couldn't find 5. (And therefore couldn't submit them). Maybe you do have us fooled; but isn't that what people do- be the best they can and hope people around them are smart/generous/perceptive enough to see the other times/traits with smart eyes that apply some wonderful balancing filter. Maybe it is all a big lie, but you seem cheerfully sound.

Middle Girl said...

This was hard. I think I was thinking more about myself than you.

I think that at times many of us can have many of the traits (or shortfalls) listed. Sometimes, not in a bad way.

It felt mean and I almost didn't finish-but it's only a game, right? We all know you're Mary Freakin Poppins -so happy and Gay :)

weese said...

I am not sure the blog environment is the best way to find someones faults really. Blogs allow us to be far above ourselves. :)
(mary poppins...love that)
so i picked words for the fun of it.
my favorite was self-satified... cuz really... who isn't :)

Anonymous said...

I refuse to even read it because I adore you.

I dont like people who are perfect, every imperfection is the flip-side of something wonderful.

Eyes for Lies said...

Okay, you know me -- honest to a flaw. I went, I looked, I thought. I read them. Again. And frankly, I don't think any of them fit you.

Dead honestly.

You have many good attributes and not one bad that I have seen on the blog. Not one.

So there! It's the truth. Smile. You deserve it. You know I don't lie :) If I saw something, I'd select it and admit it.

So honored to know you!

KMae said...

It was ridiculous of me to try to do this for you because, well seriously - I don't know your 'weak points'. Really I would have felt better choosing your strong points. I think it is great fun reading your blog & I greatly enjoy your sense of humor

Suzanne said...

I hereby deem this experiment a complete failure.

You people are far too nice.