April 3, 2007

In the Genes

It's official and I may as well admit it: I am in a Royal Funk. The women among us will understand exactly what I mean. No one does Royal Funk quite like a woman.

I snapped at my mother on the phone today for asking yet again if my father will be attending The Boy's graduation next month. Then I took a deep breath and apologized.

The problem is that I don't know if he and his wife are planning to attend. Due to circumstances I will not detail herein, our communication has been less than stellar since November. Yes, November. That's a long time. It niggles at me, sharp little teeth nipping randomly. I'd like to think it niggles at him too.

Stubbornness is the root of my problem. Pride may also be involved. Encased in my Royal Funk, what I should do is obvious. I am driven deeper into Funkitude because I know if I do what I should do, what I've always done, it's giving in to the same old same old. I need something different. I drew a line in the sand. My line matters.

I think of those ducks in my neighbor's yard. I think of my neighbor's certainty about the bread they like to eat. What if she didn't feed them white bread? Would the ducks turn their noses up at rye? Would they spit it out if she offered whole wheat? Would they eventually stop gracing her with their presence because what she serves tastes bad over time?

No one does a Royal Funk quite like a woman.
And for the record, I'm a fool for pumpernickel.



Gina said...

I'm sorry for your funkitude, I had been wondering how you were.

Now I know, not so great.

I hope it gets better soon. But, good for you for standing up for yourself!

sporksforall said...

Pumpernickel is an admirable bread--especially when fresh. As for knowing what to do and not wanting to do it--the gulf there can be mighty wide. Sorry you have to stare into that abyss.

WenWhit said...

I've got your back, baby. Always.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

bet you got more than her back wen...

I always found that a sandwich made with 1 slice pumpernickle and 1 side rye(no seeds) helps you see that line more clearly

yankeegirl said...

Good for you for drawing the line and sticking to it! A lesson I'm learning now-but better late than never!
Enjoy the Boy's graduation- you should be very proud.

Middle Girl said...

Nothing brings out the family drama quite like a major event. And what an event..wow!

Eat your bread, stay your course. Enjoy your young man and celebrate his big day.

Unknown said...

Hey you...sorry about the funk. Drawing a line in the sand...yeah, it sucks no matter which side of the line you're on. No matter what. In any relationship. I feel your pain and hope that it gets easier for you. Do what you feel is your truth...no matter what that is. If you decide to cross over that line, let that be your decision, and not that brought on by guilt. My best advice for ya.

KMae said...

Stay strong.
Your line DOES most definately matter!

It's hard to know what to say or suggest if we dont know the story or incident.

Congrats for having a graduating child!!! That is a true accomplishment for both of you!

nina michelle said...

why is it that when you wrote that I have a sneaking suspicion you had a small picture of me in your mind? hahahahahaha! I had a friend who when found herself in a funk which included unexplained tears called it the "dreaded sheaves". I never did understand that one but knew when she was in one it was time for coffee and donuts.

oxoxox from across the miles. And if you ever do come visit pumpernickle will be abundanted and not a potato to be found.