April 5, 2007

Mastering the Plan

Home improvement isn't all sweat and dirt.
Often it is sweat and numbers.

Last week a fine Spring day here in the Nation's Capitol brought us 80 degree weather with bright sunshine. Where did I spend it? Inside. Crunching numbers, crafting a spreadsheet, multiple spreadsheets actually, each a work of art in its own right, saved to disc with the grandiose name of "2007 Master Plan."

Were I always efficient, our 2007 Master Plan would have been in place before 2006 ended. I do so adore a calendar year. Unfortunately I'm not always efficient. To save face, I will apply the concept of the fiscal year to our plan. Our fiscal year now officially ends March 31, 2008. So it is decreed, so it shall be recorded.

This is not the first Master Plan we've utilized. We've had one each year since we bought this house. We work better with a schedule and a budget is never optional. Sticking to it is often a challenge but when the going gets rough, and it always does, the guidelines are invaluable.

Presently we are in fifth gear, cruise control set for 65 mph, rolling down highway 41.

Will we get a flat tire?
Run out of gas?
Hit a bump in the road?
Get stuck in the mud?


Half the fun of a Master Plan is comparing it to reality after the fact. Such masochism draws me like a moth to a flame. So wish us luck. This year should be interesting.



SassyFemme said...

So what kinds of things go on the Master Plan?

KMae said...

Geese! Good luck with this!
But remember to BE GRATEFUL that your washer & dryer actually WORK, let alone you dislike the laundry room.

Our dryer just broke. Dammit.
There's no money for a new one.

LG said...

I love your blog. I happened upon it today, and it's been a great read.

I've also started a network on ning.com for lesbian bloggers, and you're more than welcome to join it. Just let me know if you're interested, or pass this along to anyone else you think might be interested.


Suzanne said...

Sassy, the plan starts with a list of projects we want to accomplish. Each has its own budget and ties into a timeline that ties into household cash flow.

It's an ongoing work in progress.

nina michelle said...

aw yes! This post is right up my alley!

Good luck!