April 10, 2007


We blew the deadline. Ah well, what's another week in the relative scheme of life? Our partner-in-crime was in favor of the extension. Watch this space. After-pics are so close I can taste them.

So we ran out of drywall mud. The Home Depot didn't have our usual brand. They had this pink stuff instead.

I was a bit skeptical. Outside of the obvious Sassy-like appeal, what self- respecting do-it-yourself'er needs color-changing drywall mud?

But then I used it. The texture is divine, almost like Playdoh but a bit softer. It is so creamy. Not to mention bright. Truth be told, it was amusing to spread that pink Playdoh and shape it to an adequate fine acceptable finish after it dried white. It easily sands to a smooth, satisfying surface. And oh my, how practical is that square bucket!

Little things please me.
Add this new drywall mud to the list.



nina michelle said...

You and Wendy ROCK!

sporksforall said...

You have a usual drywall paste?!

I'm such an unworthy lesbian. I didn't even know that there was such a thing as drywall paste.

Unknown said...

Wow, sounds great! I love the idea of throwing pink all along the walls and hoping, praying, that it changes to white like it's supposed to! LMAO! Looking forward to the after-shots!

weese said...

real lesbians call it mud.

Anonymous said...

Pink mud sounds hella cool. Does it dry the usual white?

and a square bucket = genius.

chapin said...

I'm so impressed with all of this. I had no idea mud came in pink these days. I miss all the home projects I used to do when I had a house.

Middle Girl said...

so...in your next life (or career) will you and wendy be operating a school of home improvement techniques for those of us not so adept?

suggestion for lesson one...floors.

sporksforall said...

Oh, sure, weese, hit me when I'm down. Feeling bereft that I didn't know there was such a thing, NOW I'm calling it by the wrong name.

Don't mind me, I'll just be over here in the closet.


weese said...

no worries sporks... my travellin' wife and i can stop by and do a seminar. we'll bring power tools (and maybe wendy and suzanne)

Eyes for Lies said...

That's too bizarre. Do you really think it is superior -- because if so -- we'll give it a try! Let me know :)