April 15, 2007

Usually Between 5 & 6 PM

My mother and I have frequent meandering phone conversations. She's been quite chatty of late, cheerful and busy. We cover a range of topics, slipping from one to another easily as some mothers and daughters can do.

Some highlights!

Recent oncology checkup: Everything is fine. Tamoxophin makes her feet cramp. That's gotta suck. "Well," I said, "You only have to take it for another four and a half years." We laughed.

Trader Joe's: "Have you ever tried their mango with chili?!" Further conversation determined she was so anxious to taste it, she opened the package while driving home. It lived up to her expectations in all the right ways. She loves her snacks, the spicier the better.

Something about the future: "I figure I'll just move into a nursing home near wherever y'all are then." That's a direct quote. I'm documenting it for future reference.

Innovations in litter boxes: We discussed in detail the features of a new litterbox system she considered buying. She decided against it for fear it would upset Princess, who would then refuse to use it. Princess lives up to her name.

Record winnings: She finished a recent mahjong session up $3.92. The table concurred: no one had ever before won that much in one day. Her hot streak continued the next day when she finished up $1.84. She's a shark and there is blood in the water.

Bathroom wallpaper: Despite shopping for months, she still hasn't found one she likes. My mother, she knows what she likes. Eventually it will find her, and Wendy and I will joyfully hang it. I selfishly hope it remains elusive until at least June. Odds are in our favor.

Happy Test: She twittered about the Happy Test over at Oprah.com. In the spirit of comaraderie, I took it too. I passed, meaning I did not fall into the unhappy range. I was also not in the extremely satisfied range.

Like I needed a test to tell me that.
She'll pass, too.
Happy is as happy does, or something like that.



Middle Girl said...

I scored somewhere in the middle,today. Moves are afoot though, to tweak the happiness~~upward.

Good news re: the med report and the laughter. :)

I miss that.

SassyFemme said...

You are soooo fortunate that you get to have chats like that with your mom!

Unknown said...

What a cute meandering conversation you had with your mom! LOL. I love the nursing home quote and the one about only needing to take the pills for 4.5 more years! Too classic. Hey, life is interesting and you have to make the most of it, right? Seems like you and your mom are..that is very cool.

weese said...

i will compile a list of good nursing homes here near the beach.

The Scarlet Pervygirl said...

At their best, moms are serious about their silly. It sounds like your mom scores pretty high on the Meter of Awesomeness.