October 29, 2004

360-Degree Feedback?

Wendy was studiously working on a project for her office last evening.

It's a program called 360-Degree Feedback. A management review system for the workplace, it provides supervisors with feedback from all sides. Feedback on their job performance and how others perceive the experience of working for and/or with them. Anyone whose position includes a supervisory responsibility is reviewed. Their supervisor, peers, and subordinates complete lengthy questionnaires with section titles including "Conflict Management," "Communication," and "Managing and Measuring Work." The source of the feedback is kept confidential. Or I should say the source of the specifics of the feedback is kept confidential. They'll know it came from a co-worker, just not specifically which one.

Wendy is currently working on the one for her own supervisor. She's going to town on the portion entitled "Examples of Observed Behavior" in the "Communication" section. It's the only section where one doesn't just mark a pre-defined box to rank. It's freeform. Essay style. She evidently has a lot to say.

She was brutally honest when she filled out the form on herself. Ayup, that's right. Supervisor's also have to complete one on themselves. She tackled that one first. Those that know her also know how challenging that was for her. She did herself proud, in my own humble opinion. It's hard to look objectively at oneself. Even harder to put it in writing to then turn over to others who will actually read and analyze your thoughts about yourself and your job performance.

(Or does that sound like fun? Oh sure, it would to you. I'll bet you enjoy going to the dentist also. You are one sick puppy.)

I've never blogged about what Wendy does for a living.
I should, because it's interesting.


Jack the blogger said...

Getting a root canal does have its perks. On a job application I had filled out there was the question of what special training have you had that would help with this job. I wrote anal retentive. I wasn't hired.

Matt said...

We did that at the last company I worked for. Even though it sounds intimidating, it can be a great tool. Getting feedback is the surest way to improve performance -- not just at work, but in all areas of life.

360 degree feedback system said...

360 feed back is a multi-source feedback in which employee receive performance feedback from his or her supervisor and give suggestions for organizational development, 360 degree feedback system.