October 1, 2004

Baseball Coming Back to DC!

As Wendy and I were on our way to Baltimore last week to see the Orioles play, we had a brief chat about the possibility of a baseball team closer to home.

Would we give up being O's fans? Could we give up being O's fans? What about our fondness for some of the players? Little Brian Roberts, for whom we've cheered since he came up from the minors just a few years ago. Jerry Hairston Jr., the somewhat fragile yet incredibly exciting clutch player. BJ Surhoff, oh how we adore BJ, whom we hope is finally back in Baltimore to stay. Old man Palmiero, another player who has come and gone and come back again. And Melvin Mora, we love love love Melvin, with his hot bat, his incredible reflexes in the field and his adorable quintuplets sitting in the stands with his hot wife (yeah, we pay attention to things like that).

She and I decided it will be nice to be able to take the Metro to the game. And I have, as do many other folks in this area, a special sentiment for RFK Stadium where the team will play for at least the first year. Actually, knowing it's the District that will be in charge of building a new stadium, my prediction is the team will be playing in RFK for at least four years.

I hope they choose to use the old name, Senators, because I like it. There's a group pushing the adoption of the name of the old Washington negro league team and I don't understand why. MLB already has a team named the Braves*! WTF are those people thinking? That Atlanta will give up their name so the new Washington team can have it? Or maybe they think it's okay for two major league teams to have the same name. Uh yeah. Sure.

Baseball in DC. Never thought it would happen.

* UPDATE: Newsflash! I'm an idiot. Confirmation in case you had any remaining doubt. I finally realized the discussion I was listening to on NPR about potential names for the DC baseball team did NOT say the old negro team's name was the Braves. Their name was the Grays. Which makes the rest of that paragraph above completely idiotic and irrelevant. Now in comparison, don't you feel totally smart?

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cbar said...

The Expos are coming to DC. and I am very excited as well. My sister's boyfriend is in their system (he just got called up at teh end of the season) and that means she'll be on the East Coast again. I hope you do go out and support them, and make sure you cheer for # 35 allot. : )