November 30, 2004


While The Boy was home, he downloaded and installed Firefox for me. Not that I wasn't able to do it myself. I think he did it because he likes using it and was, at that time, hogging using my computer. But maybe he did it because when we had been talking about it earlier, I mentioned I had been wanting to check it out. Either way.

I really like it. Everything loads faster. The tab feature is cool. Instead of multiple separate windows, multiple windows in a tabbed format. Nice and neat.

But Firefox doesn't seem to like my blog template much. I think it is due to my "imperfect" html.

Imagine. My html is imperfect. I know, I know. Hard to believe.

I have been surfing Blog Explosion using Firefox to see if other blogs have display issues similar to the kind I experience with my own. There are a few that are squirrely, particularly with columns.

So if you've surfed here using Firefox: my sidebar is NOT supposed to look like that! There are things missing. And it looks different every time I load it. If you've got any clues as to what I can tweak to make it appear it does in IE, I'm all ears. Help me!

Does the phrase "help me" cause anyone else to have the image of a fly with a tiny human head pop into their mind?


Jon Langdon said...

40% of people who view my blog use firefox.

Just a BE vistitor saying hi.

--Jon Langdon

Pisces75 said...

I don't have any experience with firefox. But I can recommend They have some helpful posts. And I am sure they have something covering that issue. You can't be the only one. If they don't have anything already posted you could sign on as a member (it's free) and ask your question there. They might have some good suggestions for you.

trisha said...

I have always used Firefix, and your columns have always looked perfectly perfect to me. What is your screen resolution? Maybe it is a size thing?

Udge said...

FWIW, your blog looks OK in Safari. I've gotta go meet a client now, but I'll have a look at your stylesheet later on and mail you if I find anything.

Suzanne said...

Thanks for the input, y'all.

It's actually not the columns lining up that's causing me issues, it's some of the items that are supposed to appear in the sidebar are just not there. It's quite odd.